The Usual Suspects

Usual Suspects Looking Mighty Relaxed

The "Usual Suspects" took their name from a line in a famous 1940s movie. This band have produced a mighty fine CD that encompasses Django Swing and contemporary and original jazz numbers to produce a well balanced "feel good" CD. This offering is called "The Clock that Laughs".

At present they operate out of the Cambridge, UK area, and like all good Django fans are up for any work you may have for them. All done with a smile.

The Usual Suspects are:

Suspects Looking Surreal
Tom Ling Violin, Mandolin and Vocals
Hugh BoydeGuitar, Violin and Vocals
Brian ClearyGuitar and Vocals
Lynne OlneyDouble Bass and Vocals

The Suspects can be contacted by e-mailing Hugh Boyd.
Or calling: 01223 573552

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