Gypsy Style Guitarists

arrow Angelo Debarre

arrow Babik Reinhardt

arrow Bireli Legrene

arrow Boulou and Elios Ferret

arrow Further reading: Boulou and Elios Ferret

arrow Christophe Lartilleux - Latcho Drom

arrow Djange Djass

arrow Dorado Schmitt

arrow Fapy Lafertin

arrow Jimmy Rosenberg

arrow Lollo Meier Szigano Swing

arrow Martin Taylor

arrow Moreno

And here are some great pretenders, "Gagios" - non gypsy

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arrow Harmonious Wail a great vocal swing band have a site up and running for you to check out their harmonious wailing.
Harmonious Wail

arrow The Pearl Django web site is now available for your perusal:US
It looks great thanks to all the hard work of Ted Gottsegen.

arrow Jazzmine are a US outfit with a laid back sound.Checkout their site, sit back and listen to some samples of their work.