The Django Reinhardt Filmography

The infamous "Jazz Hot" clip from 1938 is now available on DVD. This amazing footage has been bandied about for years changing hands for silly amounts of money. Often the clip was so degraded by copying that it was almost unwatchable. Then a segment became available on the web in Quicktime Format.
Though no longer available at that site still go over to the Lobster films site and a look at some of the rare footage they have worked with.
Finally the rights were sorted out and it became available to purchase on DVD and VHS format. The clip has been restored to a very high standard and along with all the other known clips of Django was compiled onto a biography of Stephan Grappelli. "Stephan Grappelli - A life in a Jazz Century". Available to order here.

Woody Allen's film "Stardust Memories" contains the folowwing tracks by Django "Body and Soul" & "I'll see you in my dreams".

"Aint Misbehavin" UK: 1974 - 85 min. Dir.Peter Neal. Compilation of soundies by Fats Waller, Meade Lux lewis, Nat Cole Trio. Soundtrack uses two Django Reinhardt recordings "Please be kind" and "The man I love"

"Alex and the Gypsies (Love and other crimes)" USA -1976- 99 min. Dir: John Kordy. Screen adaptation of Elkin's novella " The bailbondsman" with music score by Henry Mancini that makes use of Django Reinhardt recordings.

"Eins" W. GERMANY: 1971- 115 min. Dir: Ulrich Schamoni. Drama about a gambling cheat. recordings by Django R. and Stephane G. are used extensively on the soundtrack.

"Le Gitan" FRANCE: 1975 - 102 min. Dir: Jose Giovanni. French caper movie with Alain Delon as a gypsy safe-cracker. Music score by Claude Bolling, using charts by Django R.

"Le Jazz a Paris" FRANCE:1965- 5 min.. Dir: Leo Keigel Survey of Paris jazz scene. A group pays tribute to Django R.

"Lacombe, Lucien" FRANCE/ITALY/W.GERMANY:1974- 137 min.Excellent war time occupied France drama. Period recordings by the Quitet of the Hot Club of France, with Django R. and Stephane G. used extensively in the soundtrack.

"Django Reinhardt" France 1958 - 21 min. dir. Paul Pavi! ot...A documentary.

"Naples kissed by fire" France 1937 - 81 min. dir. A. Gargour...A romantic tale starring singer Tino Rossi..Django participates in the film.( French title : Naples au baiser du feu")`

"La route du bonheur" France/Italy 1952 - 92 min. dir. Maurice Labro, Giorgio Simonelli..Musical comedy includes Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Django Reinhardt and Hubert Rostaing etc...."

"Le village de la colere" France 1946 - 90 min. dir Raoul Andre...Rural drama..Music arranged by Andre Hodeir and Django.

Available on Video tape:

"The Legacy of Django Reinhardt." FRANCE: 1992- 52 min. Colour, French and English, with subtitles. Dir: John Jeremy. A must for all Django style jazz fans. An excellent documentary that explores the influence of the great Django R. Included are: a rare clip of Django playing. Clips from the Paul Paviot 1958 docu. on Django and Gypsies. Gypsy sites in Holland, a Paris guitar shop with the Ferre Bros., 9 year old Jimmy Rosenberg and the Gypsy kids. The village of Samois sur Seine where Django lived and died. Extensive footage of interviews with Babik Reinhardt. The 1990 Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois featuring Babik Reinhardt, Birelli Lagrene, The Stochelo Rosenberg Trio, Gary Potter from UK, Serge Krief, Boulou and Elios Ferre. The Samois cemetary where Django rests.
This video is no longer available direct from this site but an NTSC version is available from:
Rounder Records
1 Camp St.
(617) 354-0700
Call (800) 768-6337 to place an order for this tape.
You would tell them you want to order Vestapol 13086 and the title. Django Legacy

"Latcho Drom. "Bonne Route" FRANCE: 1996 -100 min. colour. Dir: Tony Gatlif Documentary on the history of Gypsies and their music. Filmed from India through various countries to Western Europe. Of special interest to this site is a lengthy episode near the end of the film, featuring southern French Manouches, their lifestyle and their playing. Excellent footage guitar jazz performed in a gypsy camp. A must for all Django style jazz. Soundtrack available from Virgin Records.

"King of the Gypsies" USA: 1978- 112 min. colour Dir: Frank Pierson An unromanticized view of gypsies in the USA, starring various Hollywood actors. Stephane Grapelli has a cameo role.

"Django" A Jazz Tribute V.I.E.W. Video 1347 1995 colour-HiFi stereo. Guitarist Birelli Lagrene, pays musical tribute to Django Reinhardt with a blistering set of guitar duets, teaming up with Django"s son Babik Reinhardt. Modern versions of the Django Reinhardt epertoire. A must. V.I.E.W. Video 34 East 23 Street. New York NY. 10010 USA. ph: +(212)674-5550

"ROMANE, the Gypsy Sound" colour, 64 min. Bransong Music, 1993. Featuring Romane (guitar), Laurent Bajata (guitar), Bob Burns (bass). Romane is a well trained classical musician who has dedicated his career to "classic" gypsy guitar. Inspired by Django, he is at home in a duo or quintet, in a club with jazzmen or in a sidewalk cafe with gypsy friends. Beautifully filmed and recorded, the concert is followed by a lesson from Romane in Django style jazz guitar playing and a short interview about his life. In French with great English sub-titles. A definite "must" for all Django fans. Write BRANSONG MUSIC. Box 292121. Nashville, TN. 37229, U.S.A.

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Swing Kids. Nazi oppression movie

Sweet and Lowdown Woody Allen's tribute. And no there was no such person as Emett Ray.

Many thanks to Serge Daniloff who is in search for any of the unreleased films.

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