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Chris Alan Daniels - Django in oil paintings and pencil www.chrisalandaniels.com/

The hottest place in town for fine eats, drinks and Swinging Gypsy Jazz in London. www.quecumbar.co.uk

http://django.samois.free.fr - Home of the official Samois sur Seine Festival site

Oscar Aleman gets the attention he deserves at this comprehensive site. www.people.zeelandnet.nl/koerthchkz

Record restorations is a uk based company that does exactly what it says. If you need your old 78's transfered to CD and cleaned up this is the company for you. They do lots of other related services as well. www.recordrestorations.com

http://www.lechodescuilleres.com/ is a great French resource for many gypsy Jazz guitarists

Prints & original paintings of Django & others at www.jazzart.co.uk by John D Higginbottom. Excellent prints of our hero, well worth a visit.

Another fledgling site, this time from Sweden. Links are good and has the paintings Django painted at Samois to view. http://medlem.tripodnet.nu/djangologic

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gypsyjazzguitar is the home of a dedicated newsgroup to Gypsy Jazz on Yahoo. Plenty of informative stuff going down in there with more than it's fair share of quality players giving advice. I've evn spotted the odd MP3 file as well as some charts and plenty of discussion on chords, gigs, guitars, players etc.. If you don't find your answer to a question there just ask away, there are plenty of people there who should try to get out more often. This site is not affiliated with www.hotclub.co.uk. If you want to join the our forum go here

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http://www.romaniworld.com/ is the home of a serious organisation developing Roma issues worldwide. Check out the artists gallery.

http://www.rainerjazz.com is the home of the jazz archive where you can see an unpublished photo of our hero.

I made this tiny Quicktime-movie of Django and his HotClub. All you swingers can download it at www.pp.netmenu.nl enjoy! Paul Prevoo

Japan is a real Django and Gypsy jazz country. Here is a link to the site by Yoshifumi Yamamoto. D.R.Swing http://www.tcct.zaq.ne.jp/dr_swing/
E-Mail : hotclub@dr-swing.office.ne.jp

Here is http://www.angelfire.com/music2/blackmack/ -Tabs and stuff.

Shareware http://www.tabledit.com table edit programme for stripping out those tricky solos from wav/mp3/aiff files and slowing them down and even checking against a spectrum analyser with keyboard. Where have you been all my life.

Thomas from Augsburg, Germany has some nice photo's from Samois and Ausberg festivals http://people.freenet.de/swing/ I hope you like it. Thomas

Vote for Acoustic Guitar Top Sites Plenty of good guitar related links to keep you happy

La Chope des Puces is a regular haunt for gypsy players in Paris. Ninine etc, they have a web page it's all in French but there is some interesting chord sheets you could add to the collection www.django.fr.fm by Gypsy players for all to share.

www.alljazzguitar.com this is a terrific site and has a link to Django forum page within Yahoo also availabler from the same crew www.gypsyjazzguitar.com

www.looknohands.com - this has a FANTASTIC interactive scale/chords etc pages!

www.good-ear.com - this actually trains and tests your ear with chords (jazz ones a speciality), scales etc., etc., REALLY AMAZING!

The very good site of All About Django have had a revamp. Please give those French Dudes a visit.

Django T shirts and posters plus much more at www.jazzandflow.com

http://swing.jones.dk/ is the second Danish page to arrive in as many days.You guys are getting busy over there.

www.gypsyswing.subnet.dk is the home of the first Danish Gypsy Jazz site. Say Hi to Rune.

My name is Carlos Juan of http://www.american-guitar-center.com. I build limited handmade own brand of acoustic combo amps and own line of pickups, specially for django, flamenco and jazz guitars. I also play and perform, incl. Django festival in Germany. The list of prominent players who use my amps & pickups is long but I have to notice Hisao Fukushima of Hot Club Tokyo and Gypsy Swing as my main reference regarding Django. He plays my amp and uses my pickup considering it to be "the best he ever heard". Recently I had a call of a gentleman named Alan Stratton from UK, who works for Gary Potter, and Ian Cruschank knows me too. I am not shown in UK magazines , since I have no distributor for my products. Its simply because I make very few and sell directly.

I build guitars and once had a Django Reinhardt style one compared to the genuine article. I am interested in offering courses on accoustic guitar building. Used to run a course at Goldsmiths College in London in the late 70's. One of only two courses offered in London at that time. Sincerely Jeremy Broun.

www.hotclubnews.de is for all things German Gypsy Jazz and is the web side of their popular magazine of the same name. More and more English content every week.

My company specialises in books about the guitar, flamenco , music and now Gypsies, having been appointed US distributor of their books about Gypsies by the University of Hertfordshire.

http://jazz.chansons.free.fr/indexanglais.htmis the place to go for free tabs with tabledit

Co Coordinator of the Gypsy Jazz Encyclopedia Chris Wait has his own Flashed up site Gadgo Drom.

http://www.guitarcollege.com is a site pushing home tuition courses but has loads of blank sheet music for you to print out.

Check out the Live365.com Django on web radio.

Please have a look at www.hotclubnews.de the German internet site for Django fans. Althought it is not yet complete there is some stuff to find such as upcoming events (Konzertplan).

Here's the info on the newly established Django Reinhardt Society in Finland: a.. FINNISH DJANGO REINHARDT ASSOCIATION Contact: Mr Timo Wuori, Kehtotie 17, 00760 Helsinki, Finland. Email: timo.wuori@novogroup.com and tw@tiwuori.pp.fi Phone (+358) 405141315 (mobil), (+358) 950672738 (job), (+358) 93892902 (home).

Go visit the Great Django site of Francois Rousseau from Mountreal, Canada http://djangomontreal.com/

Check out Remko's Gipsy Music Site. http://members.home.nl/gipsymusic/

Rick Stone's Jazz Guitar Homepage: News, gigs, recordings, lessons, links

My name is Paul Musso, I am a professor of jazz guitar at the University of Colorado at Denver.
My web page, JAZZ GUITAR CENTRAL, has some excellent information for all guitarists. It contains bebop licks, chord voicings, fingerstyle tunes and book examples, all with tab and .wav files.
Paul Musso

A fledgling Django site that needs some visits

Paul Hostetter's site http://www.lutherie.net/index.html All things Selmer and can be found a lurking there.

The link for Just Jazz Guitar magazine is here.

William P. Gottlieb's photographs from "The Golden Age of Jazz". including Django.

Hi Django page web guy -- my name is Sims Delaney-Potthoff, I'm a mandolinist (taught by Jethro Burns)-who turned me on to and addicted me to the music of Django -- and I have a swing band called Harmonious Wail. I'm in the process of setting up a second site with distribution info for gypsy swing music. Harmonious Wail's site

The hot club logo Site. Check out the CD's and books of Gypsy Jazz stuff Most of the CD's are available direct from this site at the Hotclub Trading section

The Jazz Clearinghouse might be of interest to some of you. Give them a hit.

I am the webmeister of a rather new organization here in Central New Jersey call the Acoustic Musicians Guild. We promote the acoustic music format. We've got all types of musicians and their music, and now I'm bringing the Gypsy swing thing to the organization. Check us out, we're new and exciting and will be linking up to other sites should they want to. Mike Bingham

The Gerald Ross Midi Guitar Site Check out Nuages and Swing 42.

The Pierre Rimia's Fantastic Django Site. In French.

Guitar weekends Every March or there abouts I run a Django weekend with Ian Cruickshank. Teaching, talking and watching videos of the gypsy guitarists. This is held at our Hotel in the Lake district. For more info ring Malcolm on UK
http://www.guitarweekends.co.uk 01931 713241.
Write to: Beckfoot House Hotel
Cumbria CA10 2QB
E mail Malcom White

The Steve Gibon's Violin Homepage. See also The Hot Club of Chicago.

The Anders Somby Robert Norman Norwegian Guitar homepage.

The Stichting Hot Club de France - Nederland Dutch Hot Club. Edited by Henk Suerink

The Vintage Guitar Magazine Fun and informative. Check out todays Cartoon

Vintage Guitar Sweeden BUY ~ TRADE ~ SELL ~ CONSIGN ~ REPAIR Götgatan 28, S-118 46 Stockholm, SWEDEN

The UK Jazz Guitar Magazine Say Hi to Chris

The Hot Club of Washington DC Say Hi to Bob

The Swing About Django Page Good detail and unusual pictures

The Pere Soto Website a Spanish Jazz Guitarist and Composer Pere Soto