Wanted - Saga Gitane DG 250 M

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Re: Wanted - Saga Gitane DG 250 M

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I also have a Saga Gitane DG 250 M. and I love it, but i am stepping up to another model and D-hole at that... just looking for another sound.

No issues. NO DINGS. Fretwork, neck set-up, bridgework ... all done - so it is playing like BUTTAH! holds a tuning for months. PIckup installed under bridge, endpin output ("1/4" inch plug type).

I am about to launch it for sale on EBAY.

If you have not already found one or decided to jump, let me know and we can talk about it. I also have a recording of it on Youtube.com/bfulbright - Nuages. also there is another Nuages, but it is done on an Ibanez AF85.

I will upload pics here, as well.







Bill Fulbright
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