Fapy Model?

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Fapy Model?

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haya everyone, was wondering if anyone here known the Fapy Lafertin model guitar and can say how it is and what's it's price.
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Post by Zoot »

I'm sure if Fapy has anything to do with it, it will be a fine instrument.
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Fapy Model by Ger Boonstra

Post by samick westone »

I am the proud owner of a Fapy Model guitar and it is very, very good. I own Fapy's guitar it is the one which you can see on his website.

Fapy and Ger have done a lot of work on making a great guitar and I really can't praise this instrument enough.

I was able to play on Fapy's Selmers and then on the Fapy Model so I can confirm that it sounds equal if not superior to those great guitars.

Buy one if you can...
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Post by BluesBopHarry »

How much is it?
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Post by samick westone »

I do not know what price Ger Boonstra charges for the Fapy Model, I bought mine from Fapy at the same time as he bought a guitar from me so this complicated matters. There might be details on Fapy's site and Ger has his own site.

I do know that the price wasnt a consideration, this instrument is special. The limiting factor is how many there are and I do not how many there are currently in production, I have only seen one other.

I understand that Ger has recently built guitars for Tchavolo and Dorado.
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