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Manouche modele jazz

Post by Ricardo »

I have had my Manouche 'Moreno' modele jazz for two weeks now and thought i'd just give Tony and John a big thank you for what proved to be incredible customer service and an even more incredible instrument.
I also own a Gitane dg250m and the Manouche blows it away in terms of tone. This guitar is well built, fast playing, comfortable and above all , when played in the correct manner, it gives that authentic gypsy sound which I just couldn't quite find on the Gitane. For anyone saving for a Gitane, my advice would be to hang on a bit longer for the Manouche. The Gitane is a great guitar but for that bit extra you will get a guitar with much better attention to detail in terms of shape and sound and much better hardware. Oh yes and a really cool Hiscox hardcase.
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manouche guitar

Post by jitjo »

I am happy to echo Ricardo's comments. I have had a Manouche modele jazz for a week and a half or so and am also very impressed. The tone is 100% crunchy selmer style and the guitar itself is very well made. You would never, ever guess that it was an asian import just by looking at it. (Of course, the old stereoype of cheapie asian guitars is getting muddled by the companies making Eastmans and Manouches and the like.) I will write more comments when I have had the guitar longer--also, I need to get a taller bridge; I have two layers of credit card shims under the bridge now. The guitar still sounds great but I would like to hear it with the right bridge.
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Post by Elliot »

Ha! If you guys think it sounds great now, just wait until it opens up...! 8)

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Post by GitanePlayer »

Second that! - I've had mine for about 6 months and it has really opened up... the quality of the sound has improved no end ( really good to start with ) and I've worked in a fair bit of finger grease to that ebony fret board over that time - feels great!

I've also got a D-hOLE - this is just starting to open up, the top being 3mm - my God! it's an absolute monster - extremely load and growly and drives the band along! - my mate needs his own monitor to hear himself over me heheh

I was at John's shop t'other day and played a prototype 14 fret D-Hole - some where between the two - but John's not quite happy with it yet - some more changes to be made - but I imagine it's gonna be great.
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Post by swing68 »

Fast forward to 2009: the latest edition 14-fret D-Hole Modele Orchestre rocks like hell.

I got mine this weekend (thanks, Tony, for your hospitality and guidance - really top notch!) and though it was on the stand at Samois I'm astonished no-one got in there ahead of me - unless, of course, it was the last one standing from the half dozen on show!

This is a guitar that says "come on, 'ave a go if you think you're hard enough" but even this early in its life displays a lyricism and tonal balance you'd expect to have to wait another 10 years (or thousand quid) to hear.

Big props to all at Manouche - and a heartfelt 'Kon-bae' to the Korean manufacturers on some top craftsmanship!
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