The Grafton?

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The Grafton?

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This is a long shot -- on Saturday I had a go on a 1940s English electric in Macari's on Charing Cross Road called "The Grafton", apparently made by the same company that did the saxophones. It's a very cool instrument and looks like this: ... =7&catID=1# (sorry if adding picture hasn't worked)

Does anyone know anything about this guitar? Btw, I'm nothing whatever to do with the shop, but I am v. curious and recommend London players to go and have a blast.
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I don't know about the guitar but The Grafton is a very famous nightclub in Liverpool that is frequented by men searching for women of a certain age ie OLD TYPES! It is quite commonly known as Grab-A-Granny night on a Friday and by all accounts Cabbo is an Honorary member.
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