It's all starting to come together...

The first thirty years are the worst

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It's all starting to come together...

Post by Justin »

I just wanted to thank everyone for all the technique advice. Learning this style of guitar playing has been challenging but highly rewarding. It's all starting to come together for me, finally.

On Monday night, I sat in with Lavay Smith and her small group at Enrico's in San Francisco for a few songs. I got to play the head and a two chorus solo for September Song and comp for the band on some modern jazz number that was basically Sweet Georgia Brown shifted up one half-step.

Her trumpet player Mike was really good. It was like playing with Dizzy Gillespie reincarnate. I was really nervous at first because I'm not used to playing with musicians of this caliber, but it all turned out well and I got kudos for my Samois-inspired improvisations. It feels really good.

After the show, another guitarist (and Django fan) started up a jam session with Lavay, pianist Chris Siebert, and myself. We played Nuages and After You've Gone (in some weird key). Fun, fun, fun.

I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to check in more frequently. Until then,

Latcho drom!
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Post by Persen »

That sounds like a great night!

That's the kind of inspiration one needs!!

Good luck !!

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