Another picking question..

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Another picking question..

Post by Stefan »

I will get the book, but I just have a quick question. Let's say I play a 3 note per strinjg scale. Normaly I start with a downstroke which would leave me with a up stroke when changing string. If I undrstand this correctly, what you would do Django style, is...Onve again 3 note scale per string. Start with an downstroke, when changing string instead of doing an upstroke, you "sweep" and doing a down stroke...Correct? Basically similar thing as when you sweep arpeggios?

If that's the case, thta's basically the same technigue as Frank Gambale (of Chick Corea etc..) use. He calls it economy picking.

Am I correct in the above exercise?

If that is the case, I have dealt with that kind of picking before.

On the other hand, when moving from high to low, then what?

The first example was, let's say start on the low e-string and then the a-string.
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Post by kcox »

it would be something like this: DUD (string switch) DUD

It is very economical when using certain phrasings. Also, don't forget that these are rest strokes, something that differentiates it from other styles. The direction of the picking is a secondary property of the rest stroke...once you are using the rest stroke the D's and U's knid of fall into place by themselves.

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Re: Another picking question..

Post by justjack »

Stefan wrote:
On the other hand, when moving from high to low, then what?
Generally, when moving from high to low the same rule applies: the first note on the new string (even if it's only one note) should be a downstroke. It's hell if you're not used to it, yes. We all empathize.

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