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Backing track help

Post by emicad »

I've downloaded some backing tracks from nuagesdeswing website and i'm praticing my solos on it, but there are some tracks too fast for my hands, i need a software able to decrease the speed of the track without changing the tone, a sort of time stretch. Someone can help me to find this thing? If it's possible i need a very little program cause i have a 56k modem, you can understand me... :roll:
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Post by nwilkins »

look for programs like Transcribe and CoolEdit

you will need to convert the nuagesdeswing file from an Mp3 to wav format, then you can use either of the two programs to slow down the track while keeping the same pitch.
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Post by Thrip »

The latest version of Transcribe takes MP3, at least it does for Mac.
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Post by CB »

Yeah, Transcribe is the ticket. Not only can you slow the track down, you can save the settings for another session later. Often a change of just a percent or two in speed makes a big difference, though sometimes when I'm first starting a song, I drop down to 85% for a while. Transcribe will play CD files, wav files, mp3s, mp4 (ITunes) just fine. Another good feature is you can select a portion of the song and loop it. So if you have, say some of the RNT play along tracks and don't want to fool with Robin's playing of the head, you can select a chorus of the rhythm track in the middle of the recording, loop it and then play endlessly. To do this use "markers" to mark the begining and ending, then click and drag from one mark to the next. It will take a little fussing to get the transision timing from the end to the beginning perfect, but if you save the settings, you will have it for next time. This will likewise allow you to loop the CD samples from the Cosmini chord books.

This select and loop feature is also helpful in working out ideas over the changes of a selected few measures.

Caveat: before you head out for the djam, crank the speed up to 120% and run through it a few times, cause that is more likely to be what you encounter. :twisted:

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Post by fmason »

I recommend Soundforge 6.0 if you can get it. You can slow down, speed up(why?!), change pitch, EQ, cut and paste, loop, spectrum analyze, change key, Mix, encode to mp3, and record from microphone. That's what I know, and there are 1000 more features. There seem to be some free versions around... email fmason
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