John Jorgenson's Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar

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John Jorgenson's Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar

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8) HI all,
I'd like to know peoples opinion about the JJ dvd , is it suitable for the advanced guitarist, i.e Someone who knows all the scales and chord shapes, strums etc ? Yet would like to see it for interest sake and to hopefully pick up a pointer or two ?
cheers T
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You can read a bit about it here:

Good luck,
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I heard that he is going to release more books in the serie, you mihgt check them out and post in a few weeks/months when they are avilavle, I just bought the first one cuz well im a mere novice :P but I gotta say it's good stuff, the whole dvd thing realy does it. I've only seen gypsy jazz live once in my life (i live in the south sweden and well... No players there) so it's realy nice to have someone showing you or more like beeing there, other then a book, I dunno why, but it's like a mentor :P but well that feeling might vary from person to person, but anyways, he is very good at teaching ppl sutff, you get a hang of it in no time, and I hae to say im looking forward to the next books in the series.

/yours Sebastian.
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