michael dregni django biography

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michael dregni django biography

Post by Ganondorf »

anybody read this book? is it worth buying?
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Re: michael dregni django biography

Post by Teddy Dupont »

Ganondorf wrote:anybody read this book?
:shock: :shock: Surely the question should be "anyone not read this book?".

It is definitely worth reading although be wary of Dregni's writing style and his claims to facts that are, in reality, often assumptions or suppositions.
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Post by neill »

his new one is also a good read about everyone else as well as django..
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Post by crookedpinky »

I concur about the new one. It paints a much broader picture of hte whole scene. I think it also has more detail about locations and such like - although it's hard to say as someone has borrowed my Django biog so I can't compare the two
I used the new book to check out possible locations for a Parisian Django tour. The thread was posted over on the other side, the Darkside - Djangobooks.

There are quite a few locations mentioned in the book still surviving - although with a change of use, for example I think one of Favinos workshops is now an AfroCaribbean hair product and beauty shop.Le Rat Mort mentioned in the new Dregni book is still there and is now an adult theatre.

If anyone's interested they can either jump over to Dajngobooks, I cant remember where it'sposted but if you search for Django tour you'll find it.

I intended to develop a web page with the tour and still might if I can find the time with links to Google earth so you could do a virtual tour.

Anyway, sorry this has drifted off the subject, but I really enjoyed the new book.
The Crookedpinky
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