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Found a Gypsy Jazz Blog

Post by fmason »

I came across a this site with some interesting music on it. The Boulou album is a treat. It's a bit of a pain to download those rapidshare links, you have to scroll down to the bottom, click "Free", wait 50-70 seconds, enter in the colored text in the box, and click download. Also delete all of your rapidshare cookies if it won't work...
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Post by justjack »

Hi all,

On the off chance anyone hasn't followed the uproar about the above blog, there was a long thread on Djangobooks about it (the blog host was making available free downloads of available albums, copies of Michael Horowitz books, etc, and when people tried to reason with him about it all he was kind of a dick). Since then, I've run across this one, which seems to be pretty straight (no free downloads, etc.):

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