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Michael Collins Guitar

Post by swing08 »

has anyone played a michael collins guitar ... what are your thoughts?


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Post by Caballero »

I played one of them Collins parlour guitars, £2500, titchy ornate thingy. It had ridiculous volume and tone. I was taken aback by its badboyness. Not a macho symbol of authority, on a pure looks/size basis, but you'd hear it loud and clear on a gypjam. Do they make Selmacs now? I'd like a spin on one if they did. Do you think Argos would stock them?
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Post by justjack »

You might be thinking of the other Michael Collins...Mike does mostly Selmacs (he also did a book and dvd set about building them) and archtops. His site is at collinsguitar.com and the other Michael Collins is at collinsguitars.com

Weird, eh? Anyway, I've played a few Collins selmacs and have been uniformly impressed. He's also a great guy, enthusiastic about building, and very easy to work with.

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Post by Ganondorf »

get a room :wink:
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