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Gallato guitars

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does anyone know are the Gallato Angelo Debarre guitars hand made or factory made? I have seen contradictory statements on the web. I saw Ritary Gaguenetti playing a Gallato guitar recently and looked into them. There are a number of different models with varying prices - are some handmade? At first I thought it was a dell 'arte angelo debarre model - are these related?


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Hi Neil,

I have a Gallato signature Angelo Debarre, made by spanish guitar builder Geronimo Mateos in Madrid for Gallato (Gallato 452)

Now he (Serge Gallato) makes another one, also with signature Angelo Debarre although not build anymore by Geronimo Mateus. Thats why they speak of the Geronimo period and later. Apparently the Geronimo ones are more appreciated, now.

Dell'arte is not related with Gallato.

For me personally it was great for rythm, but as Im going a litlle more in playing lead it is a difficult guitar for me to play.

Hope it was of any help

Best Perry
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