Gitane vs. Cordoba vs. Rudy Larna?

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Gitane vs. Cordoba vs. Rudy Larna?

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Hello, I'm a newbie to this forum, and I'm looking for an affordable, yet good quality Selmer style jazz guitar, not only for playing "Django style" (I'm a newbie on that, too..), but as a general acoustic that stands a bit out from the crowd of dreadnoughts and jumbos.
I've heard lots of great stuff about the Gitanes, but I've also found a couple of other guitars that are cheaper, and wonder if anyone have experiences with the Cordoba Gitano D-5:
[/url] ... 5.html[url],
or the Rudy Larna WM600A: [/url] ... 4679&af=35, and how these compare to the Gitane models.
And of course there's also Aria's very cheap MM-20, but I' ve heard that it's not very good..
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