Hollowbody Electric Players - lets talk strings

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Hollowbody Electric Players - lets talk strings

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What are you Hollowbody Electric guys using for strings? I'm interested in giving one of the thicker picks a go but think they may slaughter my D'Addario Light Top/Heavy Bottoms 10-13-17-30-42-52.

What are you guys using? 12's? 13's? Flats? Half rounds?

Much Appreciated.
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Post by Gadjo »

I use a standard set of 13 gauge D'addario flats on all my electric archtop jazz guitars - and they are at least 25" scale. I also use a 2mm pick. I use 13's bronze on my acoustic Super 400.

I use a 2mm pick with 10-46 sets on my tele but find it easier to play fast passages on the heavier strings. flapping strings (and flapping, thin picks) are like hitting a moving target.

Down side is they are difficult to bend and wide interval bends are impossible.
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