New Guitar - Godefroy Maruejouls SNCF

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New Guitar - Godefroy Maruejouls SNCF

Post by BaZa »

Hi guys,

My new guitar is here. It's... well, different.
Godefroy built this marvelous guitar on my request and specs.
I wanted:
a. A guitar that I could pick up at any time. No case, no lacquer, usable without thought of wear.
b. A guitar that I could carry everywhere on my back.
c. A guitar that I could play while sitting in the tube or in a bus.
d. A guitar that would mimic the ergonomic features of my 14 fret D-hole.
e. A guitar that's silent. something that wouln'dt disturb my flatmates even at the wee hours of the night.

And he did it, ingeniously designed and beautifully crafted, he named it the SNCF. It ticks all the boxes above, mainly the amazing feature of it feeling like my d-hole. It has a pickup which we installed just for kicks, but it actually sounds descent, good enough for small gigs...

Still a prototype, some things will be altered in the coming future, but for a first try, it's an absolute winner.

A ninja gypsy jazz guitar. Who knew?
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Post by Thrip »

Godefroy is a very clever chap.
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Post by Cattermole »

You put an Uzi and a guitar together in the same tele-transporter and that's what happens.
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Post by swing68 »

Brilliant. I just got a 14-fret d-hole too and it sets off car alarms. In Finland.

With winter approaching, practising down by the river to mask this brute's incredible projection is going to get tricky, and I am WAY too young to contemplate a garden shed.

Forgive the blunt question, but how much was your guitar?
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Post by kimmo »

swing68 wrote:Brilliant. I just got a 14-fret d-hole too and it sets off car alarms. In Finland.
There's one quite cheap way to bring the volume down, if that's your biggest concern: ... ,1071.html

I've got one and it works. And you can quite easily reproduce these yourself using your preferred material.

NOT nearly as cool as the Godefroy, though...

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Post by emicad »

it looks like an old ak-47 to me
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