1/2 size selmacs

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1/2 size selmacs

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does anyone make 1/2 size sel macs? if so who? and do you think you could get a reasonable sound (as good as a factory made selmac) out of an instrument that size? or would it just not sound right at all (think bontempi type guitars)


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I met a swiss guy at samois who had a half sized selmer copy, it was tuned up a fourth so the low E string was an A etc. Sounded really good actually, but had a little bit less bass response and only about 3/4 the volume of a gitane say. Not to say it sounded tinny though
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On a historical note, Jimmy Rosenberg recorded the 'Sinti' album back in the 90's, on a 3/4 size egg made by Doug Kyle for Jimmys younger brother, Nomy.
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