Electric jazz guitars

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Electric jazz guitars

Post by Jono »

I know there's been a lot of stuff on this forum about the relative merits of various Selmer-style guitars, but NWilkins' comments about the Epi Joe Pass made me wonder what people thought about any of the cheaper electric jazz guitars that are around.

I heard that Jim Mullen plays an Aria nowadays and there seems to be more and more 'budget' jazz style guitars available - are any of them any good?
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Post by maca »

Yeah,nice one.I have been looking at an Epi Emperor Regent online but have yet to see a "real one".They nice LOOK nice but has anyone played em?
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Post by FSUGypsyJazz »

I had in my store for a while. They aren't bad. They are at the very least comparable to the Epi Joe Pass. a good set up and some flats and the guitar is great.
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Post by blindbluesandjazz »

The emperor regent plays very well if set up properly, but the pickup is terrible. They're not bad, but if you can find a lower-end vintage epi like the blackstone or zenith, and add a dearmond pickup, you will have much more guitar for comparable price.
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Post by Cuimean »

Washburn, Aria, and Ibanez have all started making non-cutaway archtops with single pickups.

http://www.washburn.com/products/electr ... index.aspx



I haven't played any of them, but there are some reviews from folks who have at http://www.harmony-central.com/Guitar/Data4/.

I'd love to find an old beater archtop and throw a pickup on it. It would be nice to a little less concerned about my guitar's safety when I play out.
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Post by nwilkins »

yeah I have nothing against the cheaper archtops like the Joe Pass - they are pretty well built, but if I were to get one I would probably replace the pickups. Speaking of vintage Epiphones, sometimes you can find one that has had the Epi pickup replaced with a Gibson p-90. There is one for sale locally that I have my eye on right now - an Epiphone Century with p-90, and it looks, sounds and plays great :)

But of course I don't need to buy it now that Thrip will be sending me his 175 ;)
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Post by SoulShade »

I have been wondering about two lately. The Epiphone Emperor Regent, and the Ibanez AF84. Especially the Ibanez, mainly because how often do you see a company making a non-cutaway archtop that's affordable! Any experience with either?
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Post by Campus Five »

I really liked my Ibanez PM20, and I've played AF75's in stores. I think the Ibanezes are really well made low-end guitars, and the PM20 is just as good as plywood gibson, in terms of quality.

I think the ARIA's have played are good looking but all terrible sounding. They have D'Aquisto copies that are great looking but sound aweful! I would beware.

I know its not as cheap, but still really inexpensive, and a much, much, much better guitar. For like $1400 street you could a non-cutaway Eastman, with or without pickup, that would easily be one of the best acoustic archtops you can get and sounds great electrically.

If I could get a laminated Joe Pass, which not one of the best of its class of electric laminate archtops, or an Eastman 805, which is clearly one of the best in its class (within reason) of acoustic archtops, I'd pay the extra $500-700 for the better guitar.
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Post by Gadjo »

I have a cheap Greg Bennett (Samick) L5 copy that looks great. I have had the nut, frets and bridge done and it plays fantastic. The big secret however is one of Colin's new Charlie Christian pickups (see the Shop section here). They really are that good!!!
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