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Picking hand

Post by Tritone »

Hey everybody, you can call me Tritone. I'm just getting into gypsy jazz, I've been seriously involved in guitar for 2 years, been playing since I was 12. I was just wondering though (given what Ive just told you, try not to go over my head) what is with the way the gypsy jazz style of picking? I can't figure it out. Thanks in advance.
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Post by FSUGypsyJazz »

I would seriously get ahold of Michael Horowitz's book Gypsy picking. It is the most thorough book on the subject (hell might be the only book)

P.S. wow twice in one day I have plugged the book. I promise I don't work for DJangobooks but I just believe in the product.
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Post by tommaso »

Hi Tritone,
I've been playing jazz guitar for several years as well as other forms (classic, rock etc.), but when I tried to play Gypsy jazz I couldn't get nothing of good. Five months ago I bought Gypsy Picking and my technique is rapidly changed (in the sense that now I have internalized the right way to pick in GJ, that is the key to play thi form of music). The results are amazing! The key to play GJ is the correct picking (rest stroke) and you can learn all this in that book. I am not in business with Djangobooks, I am only an enthusist of this method, so believe me and start from this book, then everything will come.
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Thanks Django!
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