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Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2004 2:25 am
by DJ Ango RideMeHard
There is indeed no Bb chord in the 1941 version... you'll also notice that django will use different sets of changes on the same tune .... ie Belleville...

on one of the versions of belleville, he has different changes for the head and the solo....

Posted: Sat Sep 11, 2004 12:07 am
by Fordy
I know that this is an old thread and Im a new member who has just had a short debate about the pro's and cons of bar chords, but heres a tupence worth of input here, just cos I can really and if its any use, then I will feel exhonorated......other wise just tell me that Im wasting your time and I'll shut up! :D
Les Yeux Noirs is actually an old Czechoslovakian folk tune that, well to be honest is ancient, (its actually written to be played in 3/4) We play this in our trio and to help the Bb fit to the melody I use (sorry, self taught, dont know what its called) a trplet using Bb on 6fret low e, d and f, kind of like a Bb over D min, might suggest why the 41 sounds like a D minor..cos it is, the Bb is suspended to bridge to the G ( I use a Gmin6 here and also a Eb dim...apparently) anyway...must go practise my bar Chords!!!! :D