55 Mins of GJ Essentials (or: Expert Level Top 10 List)

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55 Mins of GJ Essentials (or: Expert Level Top 10 List)

Post by BaZa »

Hey guys,

The Israeli gypsy jazz scene is indeed going places. Just an hour ago, a show on the national jazz radio played four (!) tunes by Swing de Gitanes (in which your's truly picks his Argentines), alongside tunes by Django and Fapy. Pretty exciting indeed.

And on the same subject, I was asked/invited to edit an hour long radio show about our favorite style here... And though lots of things pop to mind, it's rather hard to determine exactly was is a MUST and what can be left out. Bear in mind that people in Israel have absolutely no idea what gypsy jazz is.

So I seek your advice, wise men of gypsydom, in making the list of 55 minutes' worth of the MUST HEAR gypsy jazz, to a public that is barely aware of the style's existance, but would be interested in listening to it. Diversity would be the key, if I have anything to say about that.

One rule - only one django tune. OK, two. No more.

Go ahead, make my day (a little bit easier)...
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Post by devinci »

Here are a few ideas;

La Gitan - Angelo Debarre - Gypsy Guitars
Gypsy Dreams - Boulou and Elios Ferre - Gypsy Dreams
Place du Broukere - Bireli Lagrene - Gypsy Project and Friends
Anniversary Song - Lulu Rienhardt and Ringo Winterstine - ?
Stephanesque - Stochelo Rosenberg - Caravan
Hungaria - Stebastian Giniaux - Trio
Les Yeux Noir - Bireli Lagrene - Bireli Swing 81
Jimmy Rosenberg (with Angelo Debarre) - Them There Eyes - Portrait of Jimmy Rosenberg

Django Tunes;

Improvisation No'1
Old Man River - 1947 Nov 14
Minor Swing - 1949
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Post by Zoot »

Good choices there Robin.

Perhaps you could also include towards the end of your 55 min a nod at the the people who are moving this style forward, I'm thinking of Mattheau and Adrien (whats the band called? how do you spell their names?) and Olivier Kikteff from Le Doigts de L'Homme.

PM your delivery address and I'll send you some of Olivier's music.
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Post by devinci »

L'ensemble Zaiti is the name of Mathuie and Adrians band;


I did include Sebastian Giniaux in my list to represent the 'new generation';


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Post by Swing This! »

'Petriarka' (aka Joseph-Joseph)...Stephane Wrembel's first CD a great tune which has a classic Yiddish feel to it...Josel Josel I believe was the original Yiddish version...
'Fleche d'or' - a classic Django composition, from Stephane Wrembel's latest CD "Barbes Brooklyn" - his style of playing on his latest CD bridges the gap between GJ and other jazz guitar sytles from McLaughlin to Metheny to Towner...

best of luck! ~ Phil
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the wheels are in motion...

Post by BaZa »

Thanks, guys, that certainly is a good start.

Special thanks to Zoot - the CD has arrived today (faster that emailing, I tell ya...).

I was thinking of:
Django - Rythm Futur
Jimmy Rosenberg - Sheik of Araby
Bireli - Babik
Angelo - one of the waltzes or Swing Gitane
Romane - Hungaria or Danube
Tchavolo - Tchavolo swing or Lyola
Lollo - somthing from Rosas, the new CD
Fapy - I Love You
Ensemble la Roue Fluerie - Claire de Lune
Something from Angelo's and Tchavolo's CD Memoires - does it really matter what?
Something from Les Doigts de L'homme's Gypsy Jazz Nucleare or Dans le Monde - it's all amazing...
Ensemble Zaiti - Festival 48

Yeah, I know, I forgot tons of stuff and even what I recalled can't be crammed into 55 minutes... Well, maybe they'll make it 110...

Oh, yeah - naturally, for the finalle, I'll play Les Yeux Noir. Which version would you recommend? Might I remind you that we do need a stunner here.

Once again, thanks a million!


P.S - Where can I find a version of Joseph Joseph that I could listen to online (I don't download using emule etc.)? If it has a Yedish feel, the crowd here will like it, which means I have to learn it! :D
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