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Jan Primus
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djangology wrote:Well, nothing could possibly get me angry right now. I actually played out live, in a pub, last night for my first time. It was joyous! This is a good day. :-)
Well, lets see wat we can do about that good mood...:twisted:

Honestly, way to go Jon! How fun for you. It is real satisfying to play for a crowd. Was it a whole evening or sitting in on a gig or what? More details please.
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I just got to sit in on the second set because one of the guitar players had to leave. I was in the right place at the right time I guess. :-)
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Mad For It
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This should be a lesson to all of us: Never leave home without a guitar! Way to go, Djangology. Tell us the truth, did they give the other guy the boot afterward?
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Woody Allen pulled one over on me(and maybe some of you too)...Emmet Ray never existed...they called it a "fake-umentary".... rather than be angry at him it is a good thing because he opened this excellent form of music to some new ears....I am not a fan of Sean Penn but I really liked him in this one.
That said....
Who wants to go shoot some rats?
Mac Hack
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I'd prefer to go watch some trains.
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Mac Hack wrote:I'd prefer to go watch some trains.
"What is this fascination with trains? Do you want to go somewhere? Or is it the raw power of the hot steel and the pumping pistons?"

"Sounds like you want to go to bed with a train!"

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Campus Five
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Sweet and Lowdown and Howard Alden have a very special place in my guitar playing life.
I had studied guitar for years, become a jazz guitar player, and was studying at the USC Studio/Jazz guitar department. I was into 50's/60's hard-bop, blue note type stuff, Grant Green/Kenny Burell, etc. But I was really not enjoying the program. It made me hate playing guitar. After my freshman year I had so much contempt for guitar playing...I never wanted to play again. Ever.
Then I rented Sweet and Lowdown.
I was and am a hard-core swing dancer, and was listening to music from the 30's-40's every night practically, without any conscious effort.
Seeing Sweet and Lowdown made everything click. I realized I'm supposed to be a swing guitar player. After seeing the movie, I went upstairs and started jamming with my friend on "Daphne", and realized the phrasing of Django and Swing in general was so natural - and the bebop I'd tried to play always felt a bit forced, like somebody with a bad faked accent.

Four years later (ie this weekend), my band (Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, featuring Hilary Alexander) was playing at the Sweet and Hot Jazz Festival. Howard Alden was another of the featured performers at the Festival.
I got to hand him a copy of my CD and said "This is all your fault." He really appreciated that.
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Great story. I love that stuff.
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I have a friend named John who is a dead ringer for Sean Penn. He is also a good Django style guitarist, so as you might imagine, it's pretty errie watching him play.

Woody Allen (an amatuer jazzer himself) once admitted in an interview that Emmet Ray was a composite of a number of jazz players he has known. Must have been some odd dudes. Great movie! I have heard that the scene in which Penn comes down from the ceiling on a moon was based on an actual Django event, but I've never heard what it was. My own band once had a similar mishap when we drove on stage on motorcycles, but I'd rather not talk about it.
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I've recently purchased Django Reinhardt by Charles Delaunay. In there, it states that Django had an idea for a stage entrance where he is lowered from a giant star, but it never really happened. I'm sure this is where Woody took the idea from.
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Yep thats right. I've not read that book for quite a while but if I remember correctly Django eventually came on stage in a toy motor car!! please tell me that wasn't a dream.
Velvet Goldmine
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It's true gypsy mumble :P
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Alden has Benny Goodman's knack for choosing just the right tempo. His "Sweet Georgia Brown" feels great on that record. His licks are steal-able, too. The ascending-chromatically major-third thing on SGB could be straight out of Django... is it?
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