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Though this page looks like a list of perverts on the make, it is in fact a contacts page for those wishing to find others playing in the Django Gypsy Jazz style.
Please add your info
to the list anytime.....No perverts please........Oh OK then

If anyone finds any redundant addresses here please let me know and I'll remove entries

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 I am a guitarist in the Phoenix area looking for others to play gypsy jazz and standards. I currently have a Dell Arte and a Gitane Gypsy jazz guitar as well as an 80's Ibanez L5 copy. Email

My name is Ivan,
 I am 18 years old and live in Miami, FL in the Dade County area. I have been playing guitar for about 5 years and have been trying non-stop to both excel in gypsy jazz and find others to play with. I can play rhythm and am slowly beginning to learn how to solo. I am interested in meeting anyone who wants to play, learn, or even form a group. All instrumentalists welcome; violinists, bassists, other guitarists, etc.


James -
 Seattle, need other band members to assemble working eclectic Django/Hot Jazz style group. I'm an experienced professional and band leader with much touring and busking experience all over Europe, I play Django rhythm style, also uke and various instruments (glockenspiel, chromatic/bass harmonica, drums, nose whistle) and compose music for my own animated musical. I prefer players who can play with attack, punch and charisma ... more-so than technical ability, (but make it sound good).
A bass player would be great (stand-up, doodle-bass, or bassharp ...
whatever - no electric), and maybe a soloist. Multi-instrumentalists are preferred. Oh, and vocals... I sing and would prefer that the whole group does. Can you travel? Europe for Busking/booked gigs would certainly be in the future.
Thanks, James. Email

David Gidlow
 in PLACERVILLE CALIFORNIA, 530 295-3431 Just started  Django style and would like to jam or network with any other musicians, Hopefully I’m a better guitar player by the time you read this...Email

 I live in Eugene, OR. I've just been to Djangofest Northwest. I played jazz for 20 years, switched to classical for 27, and now am ready to switch back *if* I can find someone to djam with. Email

Raleigh, North Carolina. Old-school Gypsy jazz, acoustic jazz guitar a la Kress and Lang. Looking to practice and work out technical issues, transcribe songs, etc. Email

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA Looking for someone (teacher?)  to help me unlock the secrets to this great musical genre! Email

Anyone out there wanting to talk more about Tenor or Uke please e-mail me I live in northern IL. by Rockford.....

I live in Boston, MA and have played acoustic guitar for several years.
I've also been listening to Django for several years and have recently taught myself to play some rhythm in the gypsy jazz style. Looking for a guitarist or violinist to play some lead/improv while I play the rhythm. I have a few songs under my belt and will learn more. Looking for fun casual jams, nothing too serious. Email

My name is Bill Pontarelli. I am a jazz clarinetist from Denver . I play in numerous bands in the area including a Django swing band. Is there any chance of sitting in with on of the bands that play this music since I know the idiom well? email

Salem , OR , been playing for years and just began to look at Django.  I'd guess I'm intermediate level plus a hair since I can read some, dig fat chords and mostly play classical.  Don't really have time to jump into a band, but would like to jam and learn to speak Djangoese.  503.364.5883 email.

I am a violinist/fiddler living in Charlottesville, VA. Looking for django-style guitarists in the area. email

I am from the Chico California area and am looking for people to jam with, and maybe even start a band. to contact me email me at email

My name is robert marino i have been playing gypsy jazz for over 10 years and would love to find some people in the washington dc area to form a group e mail me at email

Conga Player : Jazz, Latin ,etc...Looking to start a band ? Why not try a set of Congas at your next Practice/Jam Session? North Carolina. Email

I'm a 29 year old intermediate guitarists living in Columbia, Missouri. Interested in jamming Gypsy Jazz Style tunes and maybe even starting a group. Can't find anyone here serious about this style! Please e-mail or call (573) 445-7477.

Intermediate violinist just beginning to appreciate Django, ala Grapelli, Stuff Smith, Venuti, others. Looking for other players to learn swing jazz tunes in the Chico, CA area. Maybe do gigs? Email

Minneapolis, MN - Guitarist for BellCats, swing, jazz septet - Guitarist for Southside Aces, traditional New Orleans sextet - Perform every Sunday starting June 2004 at The Times playing Gypsy Jazz and seeking others to join, on a sit in or pay/professional level. I play a custom Dell Arte La Gitane Grande Bouche and a Saga DG250M and would enjoy meeting other Gypsy Jazz players. Contact: email

I live in Phoenix, AZ and play bass. I like to play and am looking for others to play this style of music or other jazz with. I currently play
with a guitar player and we perform a handful of Django songs and other swing tunes. Contact me

Small town blues here, because if there were other Djangoids in the Livingston/Bozeman Montana area I suppose I would already know about it. Are there any emerging Grapellis around? I can hold up solid, punchy swing rythym guitar. - Kerrie

I am a 22yr. old guitar player residing in WARREN COUNTY, NJ. I am learning the ropes of gypsy jazz guitar and am looking for some
people to play and practice with and possibly start a group with. If there is anyone around this area please contact me
email or call 908-887-5282

Littleton, Colorado - guitar player 30 + years - studying Django's music.
Background in bluegrass/western swing/jazz standards. Wants to djam gypsy djazz style. Email

I've been playing guitar for 20 years ... bues/jazz.. started Django Djazz about 6months ago... can't get enough of it.. looking for a stand up bass, a fiddle/clarinet/sax and/or other guitarist in the annapolis maryland area. thanks. Email

Birmingham, AL. I live in central Alabama and have a Manouche style jazz band. Always looking for players to jam with. Look me up if you are in the neighborhood.

Sam Rappa
I live in the Detroit, Michigan area. I have a website -
I play a Dupont Petite MD 50 B which I purchased at Samois 2000 from Maurice Dupont. I have a CD which contains 11 Django tunes plus 8 jazz standards and 1 original. It's listed on my website along with a downloadable mp3 of Nuits de St.Germain des Pres. Currently I have steady gigs at 2 resturants, where I basically play dinner music and always include Django in the repertoire. One is an Italian resturant. Been there 4 years. The other is a Blues/Dinner bar. I've been there about a year.
I work alone at this point using computer backup for drums, bass & rhythm guitar. It is my intention to put together a small group playing the Django repertoire when I can find musicians I enjoy working with.

I'm a student at USC in Columbia, South Carolina. I've played guitar for about nine years.I want to learn how to play just like Django and Stephane but mainly I'm just trying to meet other musicians. It doesn't have to be traditional gypsy though. It could be a mix of styles. I also have a mandolin that I can play a little bit. If there are any musicians around town, I can go anytime so contact me if you want to play .
Thanks for reading. Bye. Email

I live in austin, tx..i play violin in the grappelli style and am also wanting to learn more jazz chording on guitar as i like to sing. I would love to play with any other musicians of this genre if you come to regards, david

San Francisco, California. Dedicated both lead and rhythm, looking for others to jam/gig with in the SF Bay Area. I'm at

Jimmy Alba, I live in Ashland N.H and I've been playing for thirty some years and love Django music and want to meet other players.
My email is

Seeking out other gypsy players to play with.
Located: Goleta, Ca and SF, CALFORNIA: email:

Andrew name is Andrew Lawrence and I'm in Northampton, MA. For those interested in learning more about this style, I offer workshops and lessons through the Pioneer Valley Acoustic Guitar Network. I'm also always on the lookout for potential playing partners.

I just recently came to Boulder, Colorado and I am looking for people in the area to play jazz and gypsy jazz with. I don’t have a huge jazz repertoire, but I am quite competent and intent on learning this music until I am dead. It never fails to give me goosebumps!! Drop me a note at please.

Am based in Guilford, Connecticut and frequent to Wilmington, North Carolina a couple times a year. I play double bass and am attempting to figure out the djypsy djazz guitar. I am always looking for new people to jam with.

I'm 29 years old and a teacher in Rochester, NY. I have played guitar for about ten years and would love the opportunity to play with anyone new. I am enjoying the learning process of the gypsy jazz... as frustrating as it can be. Take care and if your in the area, contact me and maybe we can share some tunes.

Northern Maine: I've been playing ±30 years, but only the last couple of years have I seriously started in gypsy jazz. (Love my Dell'Arte Dark Eyes). Any other lovers of this music in north Maine or New Brunswick Canada?

Looking for guitarists, bassists, violinists, clarinetists, accordionists, pianists, or vocalists in the Northampton/Easthampton, MA area. If you play something else, write anyway. I play mostly rhythm, with a friend on melodica handling melody. We play not only Hot Club tunes but also a lot of standards from the twenties to early fifties. In the area? Travelling through? Visiting? Drop a line.

Anybody in or passing through Baton Rouge, Louisiana, drop me a line if you'd like to play gypsy, swing, or musette. Given that this will be in Louisiana, we'll make a party of it.

I have been playing for five years. I got hooked on Django and gypsy jazz about three years ago. I am always interested in meeting and playing with other players of this style. I live in Tucson Arizona.

I've been playing Gypsy Jazz for four years. Currently working in the band "Swingfinger". Always looking for other Djangoheads to jam with.
Los Angeles, SFV.

I’m looking for people in my area to jam with or even start a Hot Club Style group. I’m located in Orange County, New York. I’ve been playing guitar in and out of bands for over 25 years but have recently started studying Django style. I’m presently studying with Frank Vignola. You don’t have to be a killer player just competent and interested in advancing musically. If you have any interest in getting together please e-mail me at

I live and work in PORTLAND, MAINE (USA). I have been playing guitar (non-professionally) for around 20 years, but recently started dabbling in gypsy jazz. I would love to hear from any other folks in the area who may be interested in getting together to play.
Just drop me a line Email Steve Wilson

Is there anyone in Oklahoma City that plays Gypsy Jazz? I've been playing jazz and blues for a long time...Django seriously for the past year. I'm a good rythum guitarist and getting better on gypsy lead. When I mention what I'm doing to some of my playing friends, they look stunned and start backing away. Oh well, my tape recorder is faithful.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. No theory, but I'm practicing two hours daily with a trove of tabs. Dupont, Dunn. Used to think guitar meant Jack Eliott/D-28, then Joe Pass/175. But Moreno! Stochelo!! Lulu! I love flat picking. A troubled youth of 59 (few vile habits).

I live in Brick New Jersey. I have been playing guitar for fun for 40 years ( age 53) and began playing Gypsy Jazz about 1 year ago. I am hooked and am looking for someone to play with. E-Mail address is

I'm a guitarist from the Seattle, WA. area (Whidbey Island). Just looking for other musicians to play swing/gypsy jazz with. Drop me a line.


Michael Pastucha is my name. Living in Beaumont, California, I am interested in playing more Djangoish type jazz. Playing mandolin and guitar has been my pleasure for over 30 years. Discovered Django about the time that David Grisman did. Have always wanted to explore his music in more detail. I have a number of his songs under my belt. I'm looking for like minded individuals within a reasonable (Southern California) driving distance. (Area codes 909, 714, etc.)
Email me at

My name is Scott and I'm in Sacramento, CA. I've been playing over 35 years and have attempted Django's style a couple of times over the years with very limited success. I'm pretty good and played professionally for a number of years but never knew anybody that was much into this style so that I could advance my technique. I'd love to hook up with someone because I just love this style and would really like to be able to play it better.
My email address is

I'm a guitarist from Milwaukee, WI into Django (and Wes and Scofield) looking for people to play in this style. I'm not a purist, though I do have alot of respect for the style. I also do a decent job on the upright bass.
Guy Fiorentini 414.628.7627

Randy from Fairfax, Northern California. Played for twenty years, rooted in acoustic blues of Memphis Minnie and Blind Blake. Working mainly on playing solid gypsy rythm back up and learning some leads.

My name is Horace from Eureka, California. I have played for 40 years but only recently Django. Would love to hear from other players interested in playing Django for fun and profit in the Eureka area.

Begining-intermediate musician. looking to learn more about gypsy style and other styles as well. I play bass-electric and trying to learn upright, and a little guitar. i'm only a teenager now but for the time i've been playing I'm the best you'll find. houston,tx

Hello my name is michael, and I play violin (jazz gypsy)and travel to town festvals,(midwest, florida)and play and sell my CD's I'm looking for a Good guitar player to work with,anyone who is interested contact me thank you

from Portland,Oregon looking for other like minded gypsy guitarists, et al. to come romp through a few upbeat, danceable, hard swinging jazz tunes to knock the socks off all those that coose to listen... and listen they will.

In the blue mountains needs serious help...why did i choose django? what's wrong with nirvana. email me at

My name is Brian Howell and I'm a musician whom has recently become interested in Gypsy style guitar playing. Looking for competent musicians to jam out with. Longview/Marshall area Texas.

My name is Tom Arnold (yes, I do hear a lot about that) I live in the Indianapolis, IN area and would like to find like minded musicians to play Gypsy music. I've played for a while and have some basic ideas about the style, however, music is not a solo project and I learn 10 times faster playing w/ others. My email is

I've only recently discovered Hot Club and even more recently moved to Boulder, CO. I'm looking for other hacks in the Denver/Boulder area for swingin' guitar

I am 23 years old and have been playing guitar for 9 years, but I have just recently become one with my acoustic guitar. I have been inundated with modern "pop" rock guitar and, though, 90% of the people I know play instruments, I am the only one with a fixation on Jazz and the Django style. I have been playing incessantly as of late learning Django standards and cutting my teeth on those tunes. However, with a lack of fellow instrumentalists in the same vein off which I can bounce ideas or progress and guidance I am trying hard to do this solo. I live in Hudson, NH (Southern, NH 15 mins from Lowell 50 mins from Boston proper). I would like to know if it would be possible perhaps to begin a dialogue via e-mail maybe so as to gather recommendations as to what compositions or recommendations can be made to further my growing or perhaps to meet up and show you what I have learned and maybe get some pointers or tips regarding my Django and Jazz progress in a Jam environment. If you have a spot in a band open, my progress may be best put to the test by playing out. I studied at Berklee College of Music for two years and the most important lesson learned there was that regardless of style or ability, a healthy network of like minded players allows for the best growth, that and a little live show never hurt anyone.

Let me know if you can help out or jam out.
Thank you in advance for the help.

Older Guys
We're "older" musicians in the Princeton, NJ area who, at the moment, are a Mandolin/Guitar duo seeking an upright/doghouse bass to join our Django/Manouche jazz project. Some Bosa Nova and Bop thrown in just for the hell of it.

I am interested in the Django style of playing and would like to hear from people with similar intrests. I have been playing for 36 years and also like the new acoustic music sound.
Bill Birmele

Beginning gypsy jazz. Working through tunes in Robin Nolan's book 1. I've got the chords and melodies almost down. Looking for someone to improvise with.
Manhattan, New York City.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA - Beginning / Intermediate Gypsy Jazz player, looking for Gypsy Jazz guitarists to practice with, jam, learn, etc. Have played guitar for years, straight jazz for the last year. -

Brad here from Belfast, Maine, any other real music nuts in the mid-coast Maine area??? I play guitar and violin and mandolin. Aloha.

Beginning Gypsy Jazz/experienced musician in Santa Rosa, CA. I'm better at rhythm than lead. I have a Dell Arte guitar and am playing through the Robin Nolan books among others.

My name is Bill Keilt and I live in Littleton Colorado USA. I've been playing guitar for about 25 years, never professionally, but I'm fairly accomplished. I'm a very good rhythm player in most styles, but mostly play fingerstyle solo. I studied with Dale Bruning for 3 years so I know mytheory and such and really like to play with other guitarists. Not a great improviser, but I sing jazz standards and am good at comping. I'm considering playing duets if anyone is interested

Beginning/intermediate Gypsy Jazz/Swing player looking for similar guitarists/levels to practice/improve.
Newark/NYC area (Maplewood, NJ). No time/mind for gigs or pipe dreams, just cementing what I've learned first.

Hi, My name is and I'd love to find swing players in Denver. I'm mostly rock n roll right now, but I'd love to branch out with a new style.
Technicality aside, Django is so direct - I love any style that can be so expressive. Other influences: Hendrix, Navarro, Richards, Brad Nowell.
Email me at or call me at 303-698-1713.

High my name is Scot, I live in the Lowell, Massachusetts area. I have been playing Guitar for about 25 years and recently started playing Mandolin (about 2 1/2 years ago) I have very eclectic tastes, and enjoy playing any type of music. David Grisman, Jerry Garcia, Django, Bela Fleck and Tony Rice are probably my biggest influences at the moment.I would like to meet other players in the Boston/So NH area to play Jazz, Bluegrass, and other acoustic music
E-mail me at

I live in south-central Pennsylvania and work in Balitmore, Maryland. I am interested in playing with other acoustic jazz musicians -those particularly into the music of Django and the Hot Club. I have been playing acoustic jazz guitar for 20 years or so, and am currently working to perfect my gypsy-jazz chops.
David Stevenson

I live in State College, Pa, and Philadelphia, Pa. I've been playing guitar for almost 11 years. I've been listening to Django for about 2 and 1/2 years. Anyone interested in playing can e mail me at

I love the idea of learning and playing django reinhardt tunes and creating music in his style. i use a godin guitar thru a pa mixer, sing as well. i'm just getting into django, but have a background playing standards. if there are guitar players in the los angeles area who want to get together with the same idea, please email me at thanks.

I reside in Portland, Oregon. I am looking for another player who has an insatiable appetite for gypsy swing. I am ready to start a band or join an existing one. I play a Shelly Park guitar. I have 20 hours each week for guitar playing. I also love to jam for fun. See my website at: . email

My Name is Shep. I am looking for someone to do a duo with in the Boston/ S. New Hampshire? S. Maine area. I have studied with Atilla Zoller, Larry Baione and Pat Martino. I am interested in Django's music and am trying to move forward. Looking for another competent guitarist to hit with.
Email me at

My name is Spencer Cubage. I live in the Houston, Texas Area. I am looking for some musicians that like to play Gypsy, Swing, Blues, Etc.
My e-mail is:

I've played for over 25 years, but only recently (last 3 or 4 years) have been heavy on the jazz (Django and Jobim in particular). I am not
the greatest soloist, but I play a mean rhythm and write lots of songs. I live just north of downtown San Diego, CA. Drop me a line at

Hi. Have been playing for many years, but just beginning Jazz/Gypsy Jazz guitar player. Also play mandolin. Can play some solos on mandolin over some Jazz songs. Located in Cincinnati Ohio area. Email me at if you'd like to correspond or get together to play some.

From Napa, California, amateur player looking for people to learn and play gypsy jazz

I play acoustic guitar with a heavy gypsy+dixieland+bop+swing+country+ethnic. I own a Selmer style guitar. I live in the New York Metro area... Looking for players.

Paul Hachem
I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but frequently travel all over the U.S. I'm 21, and I just got into Django, and I'm absolutely blown away. My main influence is Jimi Hendrix, but I play styles ranging from blues, jazz, rock, folk, and a little classical and flamenco. Big fan of classic rock, and big fan of jazz ( I love Miles Davis and John Coltrane). Just looking to jam with like-minded (or not) people, but I'd definitely be interested in something more serious. I can play lead, rhythm, or both. Get a hold of me at and let's kick out the jams!

Hi, I'm a guitarist interested in gypsy swing music, I play in the NC hot club for a time, and am looking to form a band in Washington D.C. Any instrument- another guitar or two, violin, accordian, singer, bass, drums, whatever!!
I would love to be playing more, so i hope there are some people in my area who want to keep this music going and have some fun.
Ben :

Milwaukee, WI. Guitarist/vocalist looking for other players into Gypsy Jazz.

I live in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and have been playing for about thirty years off and on - mostly on. At this point I'm interested in playing jazz. Swing, primarily, with a bop influence. (For reference my favorite Django CDs are Souvenirs, The Indispensible . . . and Brussels And Paris. ) I would like to find others to play with; ideally I would like to assemble a jazz ensemble - guitars, piano, bass, percussion, reeds - a few players at a time, to play pieces by Django, Duke Ellington, and Miles Davis, with a few standards and originals thrown in for good measure.This won't be happening overnight, but I am quite serious about it.
Send me an e-mail if you are in the area.

Amateur intermediate guitarist looking for folks to jam with in the Portland, Oregon area, USA.
Any instrument appreciated, guitarists, fiddlers, mandolins, horns, bass, drums, etc...

My name is Brian and i'm a 19 year old Guitar and Mandolin player who lives in the Northern Delaware/Philadelphia area. I love Django, old style folk, and David Grisman type compositions. I play rhythm and I''m constantly working on lead, so i'm just looking for anyone or any band to play with.Contact me at

Amateur intermediate guitarist, mandolinist, and singer looking for
people in the Salt Lake City area to play gypsy jazz and swing with.

I started playing drums and percussion at 6 and then guitar at 13. Now I'm 33 and living in Madison,WI and looking for others who play gypsy style.
I have a great rhythm hand but I'm no soloist (yet). Anyone (upright bass,guitar,violin,banjo,accordion etc.) willing.

Hey, my name is James and I'm from Atlanta, GA. I'm looking for people to jam with and work out ideas.

Need ryth/gtr`s (2) from 909 0r 714 or 949 or 760 or 619 zone`s need slap up-right Bass & I`ll take (If I can find) a Swing Accordeon, must want to entertane folk`s!!! This Band will play in the vain of Django & not to the Bone! You Must dig Mill`s Bro`s Pop`s Spike Jones etc.
Call Cash Calloway @ (909) 678-1404 Calif. USA

Tom Murphey
Benicia California 707-746-6147. 50 something former pro player/singer with long background in trad/folk/ragtime fingerstyle. I've
spent the last two years working primarily on jazz of the 20's 30's and 40's with an emphasis on jump jive, swing and Gypsy Swing. I currently play
with a swing band called "Wings of Swing" based in Chico, CA. I've got a Maccaferri "Grand Bouche" that sounds pretty nice, and an old archtop or two, and have pretty much "archived" all my other instruments in favor of the jazz boxes. I'd really like to meet some like minded players to jam and maybe even work up a group to play around the San Francisco Bay Area. Drop me a line and let's get together!

My name is Dan and I'd like to find people with whom to play and learn more about Gypsy jazz a la Django. I live in Chicago

Although a guitarist for 25 years, I am new to "hot club" music and am really inspired. Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Mike Q
New York, NY, USA - I've been playing the acoustic guitar for several years but I've just recently become spellbound by Django-style playing. (Thank Ry Cooder and Napster, in that order.) I know my way around theory-wise; I'm looking for a chance to develop some dexterity in an entertaining environment. I have a small studio to practice in, should you want to get out of the house.

Atlanta, GA intermediate getting into the Django thing. Open for jamming.

Jeff Reynolds
My name is Jeff Reynolds and I play jazz violin. I live in the Washington, D.C. area and would love to jam with anyone who wants to play. I play mostly swing and straightahead jazz, but I'm working on some Gypsy tunes. I also play guitar and mandolin. Remove nospam from address to send email

I just started playing Gypsy jazz and swing about a year ago (though I played American folk music on guitar and banjo for quite a while), and have been working mainly on rhythm playing for a variety of Hot Club standards. I'm looking for people in the Boston area to jam with occasionally.
Aaron J Cohen Telephone: (617) 876-6700 ext. 335 FAX: (617) 876-6709

Hello, I'm Ed Cotton, guitarist for Pretty Boy Freud. Jacksonville, Florida. I enjoy playing Swing and Western Swing. I just aquired a Dell Arte in a trade. I'd love to get together with like minded musicians. I'm also taking in the Samois Sur Seine Fest in 2001, would love to hear from anyone who's been or is planning to attend.

Bryan Bergeron-Killough I recently moved to Providence RI where I work as a guitar instructor. I am working on my master's thesis at the university of New Hampshire. When I was trying to figure out what to do my thesis on I was overwehlmed with the prospects of reading more literature about Beethoven's late string quartets, though I love them very much. Over a year ago a friend of mine, who was a jazz violinist from Boston, wanted to make a demo and get some gigs as a quartet in the style of Django and Grapelli. We did just that. It was so much fun that when my wife said you should do your thesis on Django I got really excited about the prospect. So that is what I am doing. Unfortunately my friend the jazz violinist has joined the circus, literally. He plays violin for a circus pit and tours the country. I remain interested in anyone who would like to play some music in this style or to excange information about it. I often drive to Boston, so if you are around the area give my a call.
Bryan (401)-621-3165

My name is Les Hall. I live in Columbia, South Carolina and play guitar. I would like to play with other musicians in the gypsy jazz style. Any suitable instrument will do.

I'm a 23 year old guitar player with the drive to really play Django style guitar. Jazz needs to reach back a bit to go forward and I want to play new and old stuff. I don't care if you are 12 or 99 years old, lets play and learn, If anything, we can hang out.

Looking for playing partner in the Indianapolis, Indiana area I've played guitar for almost 38 years but have just started to explore gypsy jazz. I have been collecting every piece of gypsy music that I can lay my hands on. I had a guitar made for me by Michael Dunn in Canada and I highly recommend his work.
My e-mail is

Howdy- i am a mando player looking for others in the MINNEAPOLIS/STPAUL area interested in gypsy/jazz jamming and/or playing out. i can be reached at

Looking for some musicians in CHICAGO AREA for GYPSY JAZZ recording project and playing . For more info email

Always looking for other guitar players that want to have fun playing jazz standards. I'm no pro and my chord selection needs to grow (I know all the standard 6 and 5 string root voicing, but inversions, hey, still working on these). Of course I can single line (noddle?), over changes and II/V/I progressions. I "know" about 50 standards (know the chords, can solo over them, but I do use the penetonic scale more then I should). Anyhow, I love Tal Farlow and Jimmy Raney cool jazz period from 1953-1957 the most, and Django music. I live in Orange County.

I'm a middle-aged guy in Walnut Creek, CA, looking for other guitarists, middle-aged or otherwise, in the San Francisco Bay Area (preferrably the East Bay) who would like to get together and jam on swing tunes and standards from the the '30s and '40s. I play mostly electric and my style leans more toward Charlie Christian than Django (although I'm a huge fan). My ability level is intermediate to-dare I say it? -- advanced, but I'm learning all the time and feel I could learn a lot more if I had some contact with other players. Contact me at

Griffin Campbell Clinton, SC(Greenville/Spartanburg area)... I can play upright bass, rhythm guitar and/or some lead, and I'm looking for musicians to play.... my email address is

I'm an acoustic guitarist from Rochester, New York. I can be heard on the Acoustic Living disc ( ). I've been getting into Django-inspired jazz and I'm hoping to meet other musicians interested in this style of jazz.
Roy Burns

Patrick from Fort Worth TX starting to learn jazz guitar, been playing guitar for a couple of years now, i also play bass and mandolin, looking for someone to mess around with.

Greg from Las Vegas. Intermediate guitarist still trying to get chops. Looking for local players in same boat to improve with . Into Miles, Django, Bird etc.

Washington, DC-area rhythm man, looking for a band looking for a straight-ahead acoustic archtop player in the style of either the Hot Club or Freddie Green. Don't worry, no threat to your lead player from me; I'm in the back and in the groove. I'm also strong on vocals, and have my own sound, tuxedo, and reliable car.

I've been playing 30 years Professionally for 10. I got onto Django only last year. I'm getting it down and working like the devil at it. I write and sing pretty well. Looking for others locally. I live on Bainbridge Island, Seattle WA, within walking distance of the ferry.
Jeff Moore

Looking for guitarist bassist, banjo, clainet, horns singer etc.. to possibly play some Hot club style stuff or just to know some fellow Django lovers in the area. Been playing guitar for 14 years but I'm very new to gypsy style jazz and swing. Can handle the rythem end no problem, working on the soloing. I'm in south jersey/philly area. Thanks, Wayne


I've been a Django fan for the past 24 years when I found a bunch of his albums for $1.50 each in a record store in Roanoke, VA. I live in Richmond, VA and work weekends at the Tides Inn in White Stone, VA. Anybody in this area?
Steve Young

My name is Chris and am an improvisational guitarist. I live in Flagstaff, Arizona.

I am looking to form or be part of a Django style jazz trio or quartet!
If anyone in the Boston area is interested, please email me.
I also listen to Tal Farlow, Mundell Lowe, Rene Thomas, Jimmy Raney, George Van Eps......I have been playing for a long time, and play Jazz all of the time.
I am interested in playing some Django tunes around town or jammin will do too.
Creativity and fun are the key. Just look at pictures of Django or Stephane and you'll know what I'm talking about! You pick up what I'm laying down!!!
Alan----Watertown MA. 02472


I'm a rhythm guitarist from the Seattle Washington area of the US and am looking for people to play with.
Ted Gottsegen

My name is Jonathan Brooke. I play guitar, dobro, mandolin and bass. I live in Ahsland, Wisconsin, but sometimes spend large amounts of time in Baltimore, Maryland and i love to play my heart away!

Hi I"ve been playing guitar 13 years but am just getting into Django and some other swing stuff and jazz. Call me an EXTREME novice when it comes to playing in that style, but I'm working on it.
What I'm really looking for is a Hot Club style band in the Philly Jersey area or one that tours through here regularly, that I can go see. Any one in the area feel free to contact me.

My name is Don King and I live in Dana Point, South Orange County, California.
I am a guitar player looking for musicians in this area who are interested in playing Django style jazz.
You may call me at 949-443-6053 or email Don King
(949) 443-6053

My name is Bart. I am looking for Django plus blues players in holland grand rapids michigan area to play and share ideas with.

Please add me to the list. Edward Cotton Jacksonville, Florida
I am in the market for a proper guitar. Any suggestions? I am a guitarist in a swinging horn band called Pretty Boy Freud.

My name is Tony Green and I am a guitarist who makes a living playing Gypsy Jazz and also as a painter here in the New Orleans area.
I am always looking for other Djangophiles to jam with, so if you're ever down South, look me up!
I invite you to check out my web site or my CD on Orleans Records 1811 entitled GYPSY JAZZ. CIAO!~Tony

My name is Kyle and I live in Orlando, FL, USA. I am an acoustic bass player I am interested in finding guitar and violin players to form a Hot Club-type band here for fun. Please get in contact w/ me so we can get together. Thanks.
Kyle Jones

Guitarist seeking anyone interested in playing gypsy jazz and or other swing styles in the nearby vicinity (Central Louisiana). Ex full time professional musician and university instructor.
Luke Brouillette

I'm interested in meeting some other musicians who appreciate the genius of Django (preferrably somewhat close to my age of 16). I've been playing guitar for about 8 years, so I have some ability.
Eric Klerks Fremont, CA (near San Francisco) USA

Looking for players and instruction in Southern Oregon or extreme Northern California...Williams, Oregon, USA
Jeff Hildreth

From Austin ,Tx. this is Stanley Smith informing everyone an attempt will be made to start a Django (and related music) club in this area.
So far only one small add in Austin paper, but as soon as we get 20 or so people intrested, we`ll take off with it.
We have Austin jazz club Elephant room to use for this project.
Please write to me if interested or call 512 330 9459.
Thanks, Stanley Smith.

Greetings from Los Angeles. I have been playing traditional music from northern and eastern Europe for nearly 20 years and have numerous recordings to my credit. Concurrently, I also developed an appreciation for jazz and Django and have incorporated Hot Club-style accompaniment and improvisation into most of the Gypsy, Balkan, Carpathian, Klezmer and French Musette sets. I play mandolin and cittern (really BIG mandolin) and am interested in musicians interested in exploring the Rom-roots of early European jazz .
Pat MacSwyney

Chris aka Kiki
I'm located in Chicago. Still a novice but passionate. I wonder if there are many Gypsy's at heart in Chicago. We could get together and shredd some wood. Chris aka Kiki

My name is Orlando. I live in Miami. I am 45 years old and I play by myself but would love to get in touch with others interested in Django and jazz guitar.

New York Django style guitarist looking to hook up with some players.
Chuck Silverstein

I'm a guitarist from the northern Detroit suburbs (Rochester Hills), anxious to find folks wanting to explore the gypsy style. Drop me a line! -
Rick Jones

DC area guitar player and unrepentant djangoholic (and former member of the Django Djunkies aka the Hot Club of Washington) would like to meet similarly inclined to jam or put a band together.
Doug Gladstone

Ken Brown
Would like to meet other Django style players. San Francisco Bay Area
Ken Brown

I would like to locate other musicians in my area, San Francisco,CA. with an interest in Acoustic Jazz.
I play both guitar and tenor banjo and am interested in jazz,swing waltz,western swing, and tango.

Swing violin player in Waltham MA (west suburban Boston area) looking for guitarists for jamming & maybe forming a swing band for gigs.
Joel Glassman

PD Gruen
I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and have been playing Gypsy jazz for a long time (as well as other styles). I'd like to meet others in the area with similar interests.

I'm a fiddler (violinist) in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. I'm a huge Stephane Grappelli fan. Oh...An Django aint too bad either....*laughing*. Anyway, anyone interested in playing some Swing........I'm here with fiddle and bow in hands. ;-)
John Johnson

Archtop Eddy
I'm Archtop Eddy and I live in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I'm looking for anyone in the Denver to Pueblo area interested in playing Django-style guitar. If you're out there, let's get together and start jamming!

Looking for other musicians interested in Gypsy Swing Jazz music in my area.
Lorenzo Contessa USA New York NY

Ben + Eric
2921 1/2 Forest Drive Columbia, S. C. 29204 Likes to play Django tunes with Eric, Eric plays great. Both play Duponts. Seek like-minded violin/fiddle & string bass player for Hot Club-type playing. Ben Boatwright, Jr. U. S. A. , South Carolina, Richland, Columbia Ben Boatwright Jr.+ Eric Stevens

I am still trying to figure out this Gypsy stuff - 30 years and still working on it.I'm in Houston, but know a few others around here.Get in touch...let's pick! Larry Pollock

I am a novice guitar player looking for someone to jamm with. Texas/Travis county
Robert Puig


I'm new to the Nashville area. I've been playing, and learning.. . .and learning.. . Django style for about 6 years or so now, been listening to him for years. I would love to meet any like-minded individuals who want to play for fun/ maybe some giging, but mostly fun. Just left a Django group in Boulder CO. I'm also interested in any teachers, or bands that are into Django in the area. Thanks, and Peace. Graham

Looking to jam with people. I play guitar. Influences, Santana, Clapton, Hendrix, Django, Kenny Burrell, Allman Brothers & John Scofield etc.. California area
mail sooflay

Stephen Quinn
Hi. My name is Stephen Quinn. I'm a guitar player. I live in the NYC NJ USA area and I want to find musicians to form a Hotclub band. Contact by email or 201-224-3650

Geoff Fanslow
I'm in Novato, Marin Co., CA. I'm at PO Box 2241, Novato, CA 94948-2241. [(415) 893-1868.] Thanks.

Patrick Carter
If there are any Django fans around Troy Alabama please let me know. I suffer with the curse of trying to play guitar also--looking forward to give a hand to some of the tunes.
Patrick Carter

James Merzbacher
Please send me information on Django style players or people interested in this style of playing in the San Diego ,California area. Thanks, Jim Merzbacher

David McCartney
Longtime Django nut.I have most of the recordings, about 50 vinyl + CDs. I am a standup bass player and have belonged to active jazz bands (trad) for over twenty years. I woulkd love to meet others of like persuasion. I live in Northern California. Any contact with Django fans would be a treat. Thanks for what you do. Email: David McCartney , I think. Placerville CA 95667 USA (916) 622-4466

Lee Ornstein
I've been listening to Django for 20 years. I've studied guitar with Tal Farlow and Chuck Wayne and others.

Lee Ornstein Chicago,IL USA

Ross Stoeterau
Ross Stoeterau Chicago Area

My name is Duncan and I like Django. I Live in central Kentucky, Versailles to be exact. I have enjoyed Django for about thirty years. I would enjoy playing with other players in this area that like Django


Guillermo Iacona
Guillermo Iacona

I 'm from Argentina and i'm 16 years old. I started playing guitar about 4 years ago. I'm sorry, but I don't speak English very well. I love
Django's music and I play it on the guitar. Please write me ( Well, thank you very much.... ADIOS...


I live in Melbourne, Australia.
I've only just begun my first tentative steps into the world of Gypsy Jazz, and am interested to find other beginners with similar interests who'd like to have a Jam, and just generally get better together. email

I live in Riverwood-Sydney[jazz capital of the known universe]. I'm very keen to get together with other Djangofans for jamming and chatting. I give lessons as well, but only to guitarists who are prepared to learn how to play [at least some of the time] with two fingers. I'm not joking!!-[maybe a little].

Hi, I'm Frank and the closest I got to Django heaven was my group "Grapellos Jazz Ensemble" which ran for 2 years till the viola player transferred away and I'm keen to talk/play with other fans of "Maestro Django" IN AUSTRALIA
"So long as my plectrum points towards the sound hole", I'll never be like him, but trying to follow in his style is I guess what we are all striving for. Not being a reader of dots, maybe a bit of tab. would help for single string stuff. Appreciate help there please.Chords are OK, well, relatively, humbly so.
Frank Earley


Looking for players in Vienna. I play accordion. Email

Mike Montgomery
I am a jazz/bluegrass violinist who has just moved to Vienna, Austria. I would greatly appreciate it if you could put me in contact with other people in this area who would be interested in getting together and playing some of this music.
Mike Montgomery 


I'm Willy Van den Houten, living in Belgium. I'm playing guitar and looking for other people to play with and maybe do some gigs together.
Willy Van den Houten


I play some Django's songs. I would like to find others guitarrist to change impressions about jazz. My name is Thor Grünewald, I'm 50 years old, and I play guitar since I was ten. I live in Brazil - South America, and I love instrumental jazz music.
Thor Grünewald


I've been playing guitar for almost 7 yeras, and am taking the jazz studies program at a college. I've been playing jazz-manouche style for about 6 months now. I'm looking for people from around New Westminster, BC to hook up and to play some Django-jazz. Traditional technique users, please.

I'm in my late forty's played The Shadows style music since I was 14( 2 CD's in studio will prove it).
Since 2003 I completly changed the style:Django,Rosembergs,Lafontaine,Bireli Lagrene etc..are my teachers.
I'm looking for somebody to join to play or exchange the name is Branko and I live in Port Moody B.C.
I know allready a few melodies:Nuages;Latcho Drom For Sephora etc..30 years of Hank Marvin is just enough.We have to open our horizons.I play solo but don't mind the rhythm.Cheers to all Django's fans and players. email

I'm a Montreal guitar player focused exclusively on Gipsy Jazz. I have my own trio and also perform in other settings. I’m involved in the organization of Gipsy Jazz related events like shows, festivals and master class. I also maintain the following web sites: “Django Reinhardt Documentation Center”, “Django Montreal”, “Jazz Gitan”, “Angelo Debarre”.

58 with Dell'Arte - expanding from rock and jazz to Oscar Aleman and Django styles. Looking for weekly sessions to learn and share. Toronto in the beaches, email tel: 416 698 3654

I am living in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, and I'm just getting into this style of music. I'm looking for someone with whom to share ideas and hopefully jam sometime. My email address is

I play a bit of hot club style swing guitar and violin (a bit of both but not enough of either). My home town is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Paul Brennan

33year old guitar/vocals looking to play with others during the day. Downtown Toronto. Django style.
e-mail or 416 923 3680

I've been a Django fan for the past 24 years when I found a bunch of his albums for $1.50 each in a record store in Roanoke, VA. I live in Richmond, VA and work weekends at the Tides Inn in White Stone, VA.
Anybody in this area?
Steve Young

I am a rhythm guitar player in the Hot Club tradition. I do some singing, but lean toward the instrumental side of looking to form a swing band. If interested, please call me, Adam Russell, Winnipeg at 774-4449.

Andre Seguinot
Living in Toronto and interested in gypsy swing? Visit Club Django's web page This is a great resource for you lucky blighters in Toronto

I am a guitarist who loves Django, and looking for others.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canda

Dave Harper
Rhythm / some lead jazz manouche guitarist with a regular violin player. Seeking like minded bassist , clarinet, guitars, etc.... to form club / group in North Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I live in Black Creek / Courtenay area.
Dave Harper

Steve Crowhurst
A Brit I am - left the UK in 1970 with a bunch of Django albums - about 10 in all, plus some Eddie Lang, and emigrated to Canada after selling 6 Japanese swords and my beloved 1921 Coletti guitar (only 5,000 made - sold it for 100 pounds! ) - always searched for a Maccaferri but couldnt find one. I did however see Diz Dizley play his and in the style of Django. Is he still around? This was London in the mid-60's. I am down to a 12 bar blues Brownie McGhee style as and when I can get the bloody suit and tie off. All the best from a Django fan in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Steve Crowhurst.


I'd like to be included on your "great (perhaps an overstatement) pretenders" list. My link is I have a CD with several swing numbers, and a new one dedicated to that style on its way this Aug. Hope to hear from you. Victor Saumarez
Tel 00357 25 822038
Fax 00357 25 822039

Czech Republic

I am starting to learn this awesome style and I'd like to find people sharing the Manouche mood in Prague or other places in the Czech Republic .


Rhythmguitarplayer wanted for string swing trio based in Copenhagen. Hope to hear from you soon. Henrik Larsen.
Henrik Larsen. Vesterbrogade 83. 3t.v. 1620 V Copenhagen +4533229492 Denmark. e.mail.

I'm a proff. violinist playing "rythmic" music. I've been listening to some gipsyjazz - mostly Django and Grapelli. Now I have started to play a litlle gipsyjazz as well. I have been playing and touring with a Tchekoslovakian gipsysinger, but it's not the same even though there are some familiar stuff. I wonder if you know anything about some meetings, jams, workshops etc. for gipsyjazz for violins?
Annes Web site
Annes Email

I'm a violin player (Professional) in Denmark Do you know any place where I can get in contact with some gypsy jazz musicians in DK or northern europe. I myself play the style. The problem is that there are not so many good jazz players in Denmark. I mean there are but nobobdy plays Gypsy jazz.
Pio Simonsen

I play some guitar too, and I am a great fan of Django. I would like very much to play some gipsy music with some guys here in AARHUS -Denmark, but they are hard to find... So if you should know someone around, please let me know.


None Yet


38 , Guitar player living in the suburbs of Paris ,looking for info(concerts,jam session,music,licks,band seeking guitarist....) in the gypsy jazz context. Email

Acoustic guitarist looking for fellow fans of DR, Romane, the Ferre(t)s, FA Moerman and general gitan/tsigane/manouche/swing/musette stuff to play a few chords and possibly attempt a solo or two. Guitar, violin, clarinet, accordion... English-speakers preferred, as I can never remember what "sol mineur" is if someone yells at me to change chord... Location: French Riviera (Alpes-Maritimes, Var or Monaco)
Mike Hardaker

My name is Rémi, 19 years old I'd like to communicate with musiciens who I could meet for playing.
Contact me to tell me how to find your answer on your site thanks .
Rémi Langlois


I`m living in Recklinghausen, Germany and am constantly looking for other musicians to form a manouche-swing-group. I`ve started playing gypsy-swing in the early 70s, I prefer to play rhythm-guitar. Being a hobby-musician, any contact is welcome, no matter whether you`re beginner or veteran.
You may drop me an email or try to catch me on the phone. Email
(Germany) 02361/181230

Anyone interrested in playing gypsy jazz? I play the guitar and I am living near Stuttgart.

I play Guitar und I am living in Nürnberg area. Looking for People who would like to play with me.

I am looking for anyone who would like to play gypsy Jazz. I live in in the Bochum area.

I am living south of Munich and looking for anyone in this area interested in playing Django style.




I'm french and I just arrived in dublin and i would like to meet people to play, discuss, listen, enjoy ... django music with me I'm guitarist and i would like to play as much as possible hope you will give an answer. email 0857434711

Would love to get together with anyone interested in 'trying' to play some Django material in my area - Newry, Co.Down, N.Ireland

Hiya, my names Chris Warrener and I'd love to meet any guitarists or fiddlers (or any musicians!) around Galway who fancy a stab at a bit of Django jazz. I'm at P.S.Did anyone see "The hot club of Galway" at Brennans Yard?

Hi I'm a guitarist in Dublin who would like to meet like minded types -
e-mail me at

My name is Richard King and I live in Enniscorthy Ireland. I'd be interested to meeting anyone else in Ireland who wants to join me in a pathetic stab at gypsy jazz.
I can be contacted at


I am fairly new to the Gypsy Jazz/Swing style, but I`m digging it big time! If anyone lives anywhere remotely near me...send me an e-mail and let`s jam! I live in Koshigaya City(Saitama), about an hour north of Tokyo.

My name is Daniel, I am living in Okinawa, Japan and am very interested in meeting other guitarists in the area or on the mainland interested in Django. I am an average guitarist and have recently become quite interested in Gypsy Jazz. I can be reached at my email address:


Hi, I am Andre and I currently live in Vilnius. Would love to play gjazz with somebody in the neighborhood.


Hello Steve. I'm a mexican guitarist and a big Django's fan. I'd love to find some other musicians and play some gypsy-style tunes. Hope to hear from you (or anyone) soon.
Peace. Luis

New Zealand

Love the music and want to learn how to lay rhythm. Living in Auckland. Are there any players here in NZ?
Matthew Zonderop

Zilverfern ltd
Tel: ++64-(0)21-305-665


Aanyone living in northern or central Portugal who'd like to play some jazz PLEASE DO contact me on my e-mail


The Kroningrad Duo
W wants to be a Trio! we are in desperate need of a Standup-bassist.
We are waiting for you in Brasov, Romaina. *we know... it is the European capital of gypsies but ironically nobody heard of Django around here. Let`s make`m suffer! Mailto: Email

The Netherlands

My name is Baggerman and I am a 16 year old boy who plays dango style jazz for more than 2,5 years. My main goal is to plays and compete with other soloists playing solo guitar, but I can also play the chords of almost all Django's compositions. I would love to find someone to play with me! Email 

Hi i am chris(26) from the netherlands (Groningen) and i am desperately lookin for people to play django style with.

Playing rhythm, searching for other guitarist(s) to jam with Django-style. In/around Utrecht.

Den Haag / The Hague. Rhythm guitarplayer seeks group to join. Hotclub /Gypsy Jazz. Individuals also welcome to respond . Contact: Herman. at:

We'd love to meet new people playing Gipsy-Swing. Me and my brother play Django every Sunday. We want to start a band but we are still looking for a bassPlayer.
Keep up the good work

Jan & Tom
We (Jan & Tom) are a 'for fun' band in Eindhoven, playing songs of amongst others Dave Brubeck, Django Reinhart, 16 HP and Bo Didly. Because of relocations and work stress our band has recently been slimmed down, so only the snaredrum and the acoustic guitar are left. We are looking for an acoustic rhythm/solo guitar, acoustic bas, violin, clarinet. Interested?

My Name is van Rompaey and I'm a fan of the hotclub style. I live in Maastricht and I am searching for people to start a group with. I play solo-guitar.

JAZZAFINADO is looking for a Rhythmguitar player. We just started a couple of months ago. Repertoire has to grow. Style: Swingjazz / Gypsyjazz / Latin / Buena Vista / We don't need a pro but you have to be able to play the different rhythmes. Sofar: Baseplayer, (solo)guitarist, singer (she also sings in Spanish) Rehersing 1 time a week in Amsterdam. Relaxed atmosphere. please contact me by e-mail: or 06-24544175
Arjen Keijzer

My name is Wim living in the North of Holland. I'am a real fanatic Django fan/rythm guitar player. Looking for people to join me. Age 40/50.
Wim Sleeboom

We are busy putting together an entirely accoustic band to play prewar jazz, blues, hotclub de france music, ragtime, hawaii & country tunes.
We are still looking for a sologuitarist, carinetist, double-bass player and an accordeonist. So far it looks as if we have snaredrum/washboard, guitar/resonator guitar, violin, harmonica/guitar. This is entirely for fun with only an occasional gig. Eindhoven

I am a beginning player,and I would like some contacts. streetname/Kogge 12-03 Zippcode/8243AJ
The Netherlands
Christiaan J.von Grumbkow

Bas van Bockel
I play rythm-guitar and clarinet. Several years experience playing Hot Club style, not a pro but advanced.
Haarlemmerstraat 211a
2312 DR Leiden
Tel(0)71-5144145 mobile phone (06 21518681) during the day"


Reg Simpson
Lliving and working in Aberdeen, Scotland. I'm looking for another guitarist to form a duo, with a view to gigging in the Aberdeen area. Is there anybody out there? Email

My name is Robert I'm 51 based in Glasgow but make regular visits to Dundee. Am interested in meeting up with other Django enthusiasts to play with and learn from. Email

Linlithgow, West Lothian.
Guitarist, Banjoist, Bassplayer - Swing, New Orleans and traditional Jazz likes to meet some partners playing Gypsy Jazz. Are there any other players to form a Django Reinhardt - Steffan Grappelli Group?

If not, how about starting another jazzy entertaining Band?
Please contact me

I'm Bryan from Fife in Scotland and I enjoy trying to play in the Django style. It would be great if there were others in my area. There's nothing like bouncing idea's off other musicians !


Se busca bajista y otro musicos.
Aussie/Brit, now in Alcoy (Alicante) SPAIN, seeks more jazz contacts. Mainstream/modern jazz quintet already up and running. Particularly keen to meet swing-orientated bass players for piano/guitar/bass trio. A gypsie influence would be a nice bonus. email

Any Django fans in Malaga? Would like to find people to play django style music.

My name is Rutger van Rompaey and I live in Granada. I´m searching for somebody to play music in the style of Hotclub du France with. I play guitar.

Hi, my name´s Gonzalo, i´m from Seville and i would like to find people who likes to play and listen to Django.
Contact me at

Hi my name Oriol and come from Barcelona (Spain). I play rhythm and lead guitar on the Django style. I'm loking for musician to play with.
Mail me at


I am looking for Django jazz players in Stockholm SWEDEN.

Hi My name is Mattias Kivioja and i am a beginner in swing guitar. I love all music and i am very interested in the style of django. I live in Kävlige(outside Lund), And i would love to meet someone to play with and share ideas to become better players.And if there is a great player where i live I would love to take some lessons.
Ps:jag har ingen aning varför jag skriver på engelska :)

My name is Ulf Grunnér. I live in Nykoping Sweden and I´m looking for Django players in my area to play and share ideas with.
Ulf Grunnér
Thanks Ulf

I´m lookin´for a kontra bassplayer and a good gutarist for Djangoplaying! I live in Sweden,Gothenburg.
Thomas Ogelid


Switzerland. Like to play Gypsy Jazz. Looking for people who want to play and have time to. Any level is ok. I play guitar.

Anybody interested in jazz guitar please get in touch. I live in the Zug area. Email

Hi, I am (amateur) guitarist who recently moved to Zurich and I am looking for other musicians to play with. I am interested in styles ranging from QHCDF, Bossa Nova to modern Jazz. Anybody out there?





I live in newark (nottinghamshire) and im looking for another lead player guitar or violin or clarinet we allready have duble bass player and rhythem guitar or 2 if we want another one we have allrealy done payed gigs but we want another soloist now we are all from 20 to 25 and good players im englsh but the rest of the band are from france now staying in uk eny age wecome. Email

 If I had practised , just a little every day since I first picked up a guitar ( 30 odd years) I would by now be a virtuoso, however I didn't and I'm not which is a pity because I recently discovered gypsy jazz and I wish I had. So as I work my way through Robin Nolan book one I would be very happy to find any players in the north london , south essex, south herts area to get together with. Email

 I’m 20 years old and have been playing guitar for around 6 years, and Gypsy Jazz for roughly two years. I’m interested in both playing classic gypsy jazz pieces and writing original ones too. I’m looking ideally for a quartet of double bass, two guitars and a violin, though a trio of just the two guitars and violin would be fine. You can contact me by email at Email, or mobile – 07709010329. To hear a rough recording of me playing visit and search ‘the gypsy wannabees’ to find an old video of me playing honeysuckle rose with a couple other musicians.

I have been playing guitar for about 35 years,and used to teach it.I live in Croydon  ( my punishment for bad karma in a previous life…. ),and I am now a fanatical exponent of the six string banjo  ( that’s what Django started on ).I play really old vintage jazz tunes in fingerstyle,and am now looking for another guitarist to team up with.

My arrangements are good,my improvisations are  quite basic.I am looking for a guitarist who is interested in doing more than just strumming chords when accompanying,and can also improvise a bit ( think Eddie Lang ).
I’m only online at work ,so please be patient while waiting for a reply.Or ‘phone me on 020-8656-1607


I live in the Stourbridge area of the Westmidlands in the UK . I`ve been playing Gypsy jazz stile guitar a good few years now ,but I`m still learning , and I`m looking for like minded musicians to play with,  I don`t mind what instrument . be it ..violin , flute , clarinet or another guitar Email

hi i live in a small town called newark there is a guitar makeing school and there are lots and lots of gypsy jazz playng students here there are jams all the time here eny one is welcome you can lern alot from the musicions here email me if you wont deatals were it all happens Email

I'm based in  Romford Essex, 34 years experience in playing, but just started in the Django style, looking for players in the gipsy jazz style to get together with Email

I live in Forest Hill South London, I am looking for  a female or male vocalist to jam with I play Acoustic   /  Classical Guitar  / Latin  / Brazilian etc  and  have done many  ballads with vocalist.. I have recently moved back to the area from abroad. Email

From Peterborough/London
. I live in Peterborough but am often staying in central and N London. I am a pretty competent guitarist looking to learn more in the Django style.
Would love to get together with likeminded frustrated gypsies for jam / fun possibly more. Email

guitarist in St Albans ... any other Gypsy Jazz guitarists or people who want to jam in this style around the area? (high standard not required). Email

I recently moved to Chichester in West Sussex .  I am a rhythm player, and am looking for fellow Gypsy Jazz musicians.
I'd appreciate any contacts you may have.
Dave Redknap. Tel: 07748 242 202

I play Double Bass and Rhythm Guitar.Live south of Stockport ---North Derbyshire.Madly in love with Hot-Club / Django. Looking for Lead Gtr / Violin / Double Bass / Rhythm Gtr--view to having a blow. Anyone out there? Mike  01663 743610

Is there anyone in the West/South Devon or East Cornwall area who would be interested in getting together to play some Gypsy Jazz.
My rhythm work is coming on but my lead needs lots more practice. It would be great to share my enthusiasm for this music with other musicians. email

Italian born with a lot to swing!!
I play guitar already in a 50's Rn'R band but I have a great passion for Django music as well as Western Swing.
I am looking for serious musicians (guitar, violin or clarinet) to start a small group ...and learn from each other. I am not a great lead player (Django style), but I get by...and I am committed to learn.
If you people want to start somethin',don't be me or leave a message 0208 244 7488 or email

I live in East Finchley (London). Been playing guitar and triad chords (even in a rock and roll band) for years. I have eclectic tastes but always loved Django. Can play relatively simple versions of Nuages and  Minor Swing. Interested in connecting with anyone non-alcoholically to make music. Email

From London. Possibly the only girl guitarist on this list. Can play guitar well but want to play more gypsy jazz, happy to play rhythm for lead players but not good at impovisation/jamming - I do need to learn from a chord chart. Anyone want to hook up. I used to work in andy's guitars so you may know me allready. Email

Two guitarists and bass player seek violin or clarinet in Hull or the East Riding of Yorkshire area.
We've only been going a couple of months but already have a weekly residency at a restaurant. If interested, email
29 yrs old, Colchester Essex, trying my best to get to grips with Django style playing, currently my skills I would judge as basic but fairly solid, would really like to get in touch with other guitarists who are learning, so many of you guys are already soooo goood us newbies should get together. I will happily play rythym all day long. (boom chick boom chick)  Phone me on 01206 252015 or email me

Basildon, Essex: Would anyone, either rhythm, lead guitar, or violin, like to get together and 'jam'. I'm the Terry who wrote 'Zen and the art of playing like Django', on the playing page, and it says more about me than I can put here. If not to 'Jam', then perhaps to form an 'Essex' club.

Hi Im a guitar nut, acoustic only and I am looking to develop my styles of playing. I currently play blues and ragtime but want to get into gypsy jazz. I need some education, but I am a very keen enthusiast.
I live in Worcester
Tel: 01905 731730
Mob: 07799 644952

I live in the West Midlands area of the United Kingdom, about 20 miles north of Birmingham just off the M6 at junction 13 in a small village called Brewood, and would be interested in meeting up with any Django enthusiasts. I have been playing guitar for a number of years (I'm 55 now!) and have always been a fan of Django. I can be contacted by e-mail

I am from Berkeley California, recently arrived in Cambridge. I play violin and guitar, and am looking for other musicians to play some Gypsy swing (and other early jazz) with.  Email

I live in Crewe, Cheshire, and am trying (with great difficulty!) to master the music of Django.  I play a bit of lead, a bit of rhythm and am looking for another guitar player of similar abilty to practise with.  Please E-mail me if you can help me!!!!

I am based in Northampton and would like to hear from players in the area. In particular guitarists whio are into the gypsy stuff. E-mail

Crosby, Liverpool. Im new to the django style but have been playing for over 20 years. I would love to meet and play this style with others or form somthing.
If your interestested please contact me

Essex. Hi I'm a 54 year old guitarist attempting to do justice to one of Rob Aylwards finest. I've only just got into playing Gypsy Jazz, but I've been playing guitar since I was 12. Anyone wanna contact me, please do. Especially accordion players. 07717-882276. Email

31 yr old guitarist from Manchester.Been playing since I was 18 but just getting into jazz.Always been blown away by Django style so if there is anyone local who wants to share ideas, jam and possibly gig drop me a line

Originally a pianist, 41 years old , I switched to guitar some 10 years ago, and am really into gypsy. I live in Mansfield, Notts. and would love to find someone to jam with. Email me

Middle aged guitarist teach beginners finger style E London based seeks similar for fun beer and playing swing music

47 year of age learning guitar (for 34 years) in the Dartford, Kent area. Plays a bit of rhythm and a bit of lead.
Available to jam (if I can only get this thing in tune again). email

I am a forty-nine year old double bass player living between Glos and Bristol looking to jam Gypsy/Jazz wherever. Practice or gigs. Always keen!

Am I the only guy in South Wales ( Cardiff ) who swings!? 34 year old guitarist looking to get a trio together. I've just
bought a Japanese Selmer style guitar and am ready to rock! ( oops wrong message there ) swing!
I've been playing for years but am just getting to grips with the lead stuff - look, I just wanna play with some like minded that too much to ask goddamit!!!

I am based in Darwen, Lancs., (UK) I have played various instruments, and gigged a bit, for the last 30 years. Got back into the guitar, after a long break, about 4 years ago. Just starting to get my rhythm guitar working and would be delighted to provide support for any aspiring lead players. email

I'm a froggy (French) guitarist, I'm looking for people to jam in the Southampton area.
Here's my e-mail address:

I live in Pulborough, West Sussex, play guitar in various styles from Blind Blake to traditional. Want get back into gypsy , have got mac style and thick pick. Anybody in surrounding area want to jam?
Phil Gravett

Am 44 year old USAF officer who has been an intermediate player for about 27 years (grin). Am stationed at RAF Mildenhall, roughly halfway between Cambridge and Norfolk, not too far from Bury St. Edmunds and Ely. I actually live in Thetford. Would love to get together and jam Django stuff wtih a likeminded guitarist.
Grant McLoone
01842 750581
or 01638 543278

I have been playing jazz guitar for many years. I write music for TV as a living. I'd love to get back into the Django spirit and would therefore love to meet up and play with some like minded fellows, especially other guitarists, but of course acoustic bass and violin players are welcome. Is there anybody out there in the north West London area?
Please email me on

Contra bass player required
Contra bass player required for guitar duo, South East London (Greenwich area) to play Hotclub/Swing/Gypsy if their is anyone out there who wants a weekly jam contact Simon Smith 020 86927635 or

Anybody out there who plays the swing classics and free for an afternoon or two in the week? I'm 15 mins from the centre of Leicester U.K. and I've been learning Djangoisms for the past 6 months or so to add to the scales and arps that I already know...self employed so I can juggle the time.

I'm Andy, and I live near Bristol. I have always loved all kinds of guitar music with a bit of latin fire, and I have always loved jazz. When I heard Django first, about 11 years ago, I was mesmerised! Since then I have been working up my gypsy jazz playing. If you would like to play music with a guitarist on a gypsy jazz mission, please get in touch.

Based in South London, I'm a clarinet player interested in playing the Django/Swing repertoire. I also play rhythm guitar and would be happy to back any lead players.

Neil Harrison. Extensively played Django music in bars in Paris and also some playing in Netherlands. Lancaster is a Django desert, so I have to travel to play. Do not mind doing this. No band at present.

Based in South London, I'm looking for other guitarists/bass players to play all the standards, gypsy, chicago, swing and any good tunes really. When it comes to gypsy, I'm more interested in rhythm playing so if anyone's out there looking for a rhythm guitarist, or indeed any playing or gigging then
I can be contacted by email at I play with a clarinet player also who is into the Django style.

Dear Steve, Please include me on your list of lonely strummers. I'm in the Chelmsford, Essex area, and play competently on swing rhythm, and solo in the Charlie Christian style on a well used Le Voi.
I'm interested in pairing with any similar players (double bass, clarinet, violin, stronger lead etc) and am available, kids permitting, most weekends. Anyone out there want to play ? Vincent.

I live in Oxford. I play electric bass (frets) , nylon string guitar and have recently began on steel string using a rough old jazz job I picked up to try out. On bass I like particularly to play Cuban Son and Salsa as well as jazz I'm working to improve on, and on the nylon string, jazz and latin, particularly bossa. Recently began to learn Django's style and would like to meet a player at similar or better level around Oxford. Keep me posted at or 01865 438839

I live in the Bristol area and am looking for like minded acoustic swing players. Have'nt really cracked the django style (well who has?),
but want to play anyway.

Based in London (Docklands), always keen to meet up with players in this style. Particularly interested in anyone who plays the accordion. Although not strictly a gypsy swing player, the style does feature in my repetoire. Hear a sample at, go to tracks page and click on "Softly as in..." button. I am more interested in serious players, but am quite happy to play in a living with able and like-minded players.
Victor Saumarez Email

Hi, my name is Dave and I play guitar and i'm getting into the Hot Club Style. I'm looking for musicians in the LEICESTER area who are also interested in gypsy jazz to jam with with the ultimate aim of doing gigs.Contact me on 01162997949 or 0850070887 or d.oliver@ntlworld

I live in the Nottingham area and would be interested in meeting / jamming with others who like the Gypsy Jazz style of playing. I have just about cracked the rhythm, but clueless about lead. Now late 40's and would like to spend the next 40 concentrating on the guitar.
Ring on 0115 9223712 for a chat or email to

I am a French man who lives in Winchester (Hampshire) near Southampton. I love gypsy jazz and would like to know if you know anyone down here who plays or listens to (gypsy) jazz. I've only been playing gypsy jazz for a few months. Therefore I still have to make a lot a progress before being able to do something "presentable" (though one can always improve). If you do know some people who could be interested I'd be glad to meet them.

Tom - Seeks rehearsal/ amateur playing opportunities in North Essex. Competent rhythm/solo guitar. Email

I am a 40 something(ahem!) guitarist, with a track record in rock and blues ..but I absolutely love the swing period and looking for people who i can bounce ideas off via the music of Django. I live in Bow, in the East End of London.

I live in Rochester, Kent, UK. Do you remember George Shearing being asked if he'd been blind all his life? George replied pithily, "Not Yet!" Well, I've been playing guitar since hearing Les Paul (another Django admirer) when I was knee high to a grass hopper.
I've spent my working life as a chartered engineer and since recently taking early retirement, I have been playing and teaching guitar round the clock - or so it seems. I've taken all sorts of grade exams in electric guitar and music theory and am starting a music degree at the Guitar Institute in September.
If I sound nutty enough about guitars, I'd be pleased to hear from any of your contacts in my area anytime.

I am a 52 year old finger style jazz guitar player living in Coventry in the UK and would be interested in meeting anyone else in the area with similar interests,I have been playing about 30 years in total

I live in Redditch, WORCS, and would like to meet anyone interested in playing Django's Music. I play finger style nylon mostly and rarely knock back a jam with anyone or any instrument. Anyone need comping.

I'm an old Django fan who has been trying to play the guitar for many years. Until recently, I played in a trio at local pubs, clubs etc in the Rugby, Warwickshire, UK area. Interested in playing/jamming with anyone who likes Django and swing music. Email me if interested
Roger Baxter

I live in Crofton Park (Lewisham way).London. I'm looking for a rhythm guitarist to join a band. We are a two piece at the moment (guitar and violin...but we know double bass's another guitarist that we need at the moment).
Basically, we're looking for someone who has a reasonable amount of time to commit (one rehearsal a week, at least to start off with, plus gigs....although this would be flexible....sadly the music has to fit in around work!) and who wants to play rhythm, ideally with some experience of the style (however, I can train someone up!). My numbers are: (work) 0171 955 6475; (home) 0181 6920668. Luke


My name is Phil Gaillard and I'm looking for other guitarists in the Surrey,SW & West London areas to get out and play with. For further details my URL is My email address is

Looking for musos in Southend area. Iknow its improbable but what the hey. I can play tunes on my guitar you know. Can you? Lets have a listen then (especially if youve got one of those double bass gadgets.
Dan Baker
Essex, England

I'm a 32 yr old guitarist, been playing for 15+ years, just started to get in to jazz (an absolute beginner at the moment - it's just like starting all over again!). I'd like to get in touch with any jazz musicians in the West Midlands or south Birmingham area. Any age, any instrument, for jamming, swapping ideas, pointing me in the right direction, hopefully gigging when I get good enough!
Derek Luke

I'm looking for other guitarists from Wirral/Liverpool area to jam with and swop ideas.
Also I have a friend from Kings Lynne who is a semi-pro singer who plays guitar and would like to hear from other guitarists in the area to jam/gig. Tel:-0155-3762410

Cornish Dad
I'm a 40 year old Cornish dad who's spent his life's potential seeking some ambition...sigh.......tis a Cornish foible. I can play though, and would be interested in gigging again (the middle eighties were my last doins). I live in St. Ives and work at Truro College and if you're reading this Ed give me back my Django albums!!!!!!!
Cornish Dad

Django Fan Living In Halebank, Widnes, Cheshire, would like to hear from rhythm guitar and a fiddle player to form a Jazz club group with a view to gig
phone Dave Owen 0151 425 4217. Email Dave

Daniel-John Martin
I'm an English born Jazz violinist in France
It's great to see there are so many people interested in "this music" in England I haven't been back to my birhtown and folk for quite some time...but when I do ,it would be fun to know people and places to jam
I have recorded with Didier Lockwood and played with gipsy guitarists such as Romane; Tchavolo and others
Please let me know of any people or places near my home destination which is Congleton Cheshire

Django/Didier Lockwood Fan living near Canterbury, Kent UK
Fretless acoustic bass (not Double) is what I try to play, fed up with fumbling away in the box room , wouldnt mind practising with good rhythm guitarist or other keen individual.
Steve Biggs

David Simon
Are there any players in the Swansea area ? David Simon


from Beograd, Yugoslavia, and I'm 37. Bassprim(bratch) is my favourite instrument, GJ is my favourite music ( I play guitar too).
Looking forward from people in neighborhood to contact me for playing, music and materials exchange. email- tamish@eunet.yu phone- +381 63 325 527

My name is Svetozar and I'm from Belgrade,Yugoslavia.
I'd be happy to find somebody who likes and plays this kind of music.

Thats the full list at the moment. If you would like to be added, just email details to your friendly host: Steve
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