Gypsy Style Chords

Because of Django's disfigurement of his left hand he effectively only had the use of his thumb, first and second digits. So he had to play chords using these only. It has been reported though that he was able in some instances to bring his disfigured fingers into play. We however will be using all of ours.

Django had to find a method of playing chords with his disfigurement. So he substituted the normal fingering to triads.

When I have seen the Gypsy guitarists play on their campsites in France and Holland it is obvious that the use of standard barre chords is a no no. This is evidently a part of the heritage that Django left behind.

The triad is an inherently easy chord to play, and when used imaginatively can be used to great effect. Especially at speed.

I don't know if you are familiar with these chords but they are essential to get that Django feel.

They all can be transposed up and down the neck as required.

I've always found when learning chords that putting them into context with a tune makes the task a little easier. So I'll first show you the chord shapes to the tune:

Djangology And then for the tune Douce Ambiance

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