frank vignola, howard alden tabs

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frank vignola, howard alden tabs

Postby phildiamond » Wed Dec 17, 2003 9:51 pm

Anyone know if Frank vignola or howard alden tabs exist? A site, anything hehe. Blues for A Gypsy cd has me drooling over these things :)

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Frank Vignola

Postby Djangoslefthandman » Wed Dec 17, 2003 10:19 pm


Yeah I like Frank - not too gypsy but sure swings. Try his site:

Also Joey DeFrancesco's Goodfellas CD (Concord Jazz CCD-4845-2) has some great playing by Frank in an organ trio.

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Postby chap » Wed Dec 17, 2003 10:22 pm

I think Frank guards that stuff pretty closely in that he makes a good bit of coin with workshops and online lessons. He's got a website out there. Google will get you there. To be honest I think a lot of it is a bit over my head at this point.

If you get to catch his act, do it. I saw him as he passed through in a small concert hall when he toured with Bossa player Gene Bertoncini. They basically went back and forth calling the tunes and it was quite an amazing bit of playing. Just those two on a bare stage tearing it up. That Frank has the most amazing control. He was busting out these Tal Farlow style harmonic licks that had every player in the house slackjawed. And those damned sweep arpeggios. And Bertoncini was no slouch either. Plays a nylon job with his fingers and could keep right up with Frank.
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Postby mobiegobie » Thu Dec 18, 2003 1:08 am

As for Howard Alden my search has come up bubkas....


If you have any luck please let me know....[/i]
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Postby phildiamond » Thu Dec 18, 2003 3:08 am


Yea i had found the website before. Sadly at the point where i have to guard every 20 bucks i own so lessons are out :cry: (And i'm trying to save for the Unaccompanied Django book which is like 60 bucks unless i'm dreadfully mistaken heh.) For anyone on the East Coast, Frank Vignola is going to be at this one thing in June 04 in Baltimore. There's a great list of people for it, you can take lessons and workshop and see concerts. Les Paul, Howard Alden, Martin Taylor, Jimmy Bruno, i forget alot of it but it's huge. Here's a link :

Thanks for the replies :)
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Postby justjack » Mon Jan 12, 2004 10:40 pm

If you're still looking for this stuff, Vignola's got a book (two, actually, but at about thirty pages each, you'd wish they'd just make one) out on Rhythm Changes; they come with CDs, too. Somewhere in the $15-20 range each. Check here:
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