L'espirit, de ,Manouche.

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L'espirit, de ,Manouche.

Postby ewino » Sat Nov 21, 2009 9:32 am

I have just bought the spirit of manouche .

I do not read guitar music but am at college and will learn the basics soon .

Can i ask is it possible to use this book as a tutor book when my standard of playing is only learner to intermediate standard ?

And what level will i need to be before i can pick this book up and learn from it..I understood the book, secrets by angelo de,barre and have improved in my playing since using this tutor book, however ' this book was rather basic and only requires that one can strum and know a few chords before it s atempted..

Thankyou all and i do hope someone replys to my post.

EWINO, David
David hamilton
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