new gypsy jazz book

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new gypsy jazz book

Postby kidtulsa2003 » Sat Apr 05, 2003 7:29 pm

Hey Everyone!
Just wanted to drop a note concerning a new book entitled 'Gypsy Picking' written by my friend Michael Horowitz. In brief, it's a tutorial about the basic fundamentals and mechanics of the right hand technique in this style. As a beginner, it has helped me greatly to overcome a lot of the basic difficulties I had been struggling with for years. It has also provided me with an approach to playing that is much more relaxed and logical. In short, it fills in a lot of the blank spots that I have faced being self-taught. To top it off, Michael is a great guy, and I wish him the best of luck. Info is available on his website , and there have been a few other reviews posted on the yahoo site as well. Thanks!
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Postby TedGottsegen » Sun Apr 06, 2003 6:42 am

Having know Michael for a few years now and having seen subsequent books, listened to his field research and playing with him a few times a month I feel more than comfortable vouching for this book.

He spent 8 months in Holland working with players like Martin Limberger and Paulus Schaeffer (and just about another other willing body at the Neunen campsite working out how to play. While most of the people on this site from the UK have a firm grip on the style, there are those other members from the US and beyond who may not be so familiar. You guys should all check this out.

Beginners take note - using this book for lead and Cosimini's book for rhythm will pretty much set you straight as far as playing this style goes. All you'll need to do is practice your ass off.


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