Maurice Dupont Nomade vs Gallato RS 1939 Angelo Debarre

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Maurice Dupont Nomade vs Gallato RS 1939 Angelo Debarre

Postby Musette » Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:02 pm

I've been saving some money to buy a selmac, now that i have enough for one of this guitars , i'd like someone to give me their opinion about this two guitars, which one is best for the money?? (they cost almost exactly the same)
Which one : has more volume, better playability, sustain, cutting tone, is dryer, has that "gypsy tone", etc.
I'd also like to know the pros and cons of buying an 0-hole or a D-hole.(i'm both a lead and rythm guitarist)
(both guitars are long scale).
I know the Nomade has no zero fret and has a BOLT-ON NECK, how would that affect the sound?
The Gallatos have fame of being made in Asia... so, what do you have to say about their sound, i'm looking for sound, i don't really care about the bolt on neck if it does not affect the sound and i don't care about the satin finish on the dupont, just want to know which one is better in sound quality and volume.
BTW i´m left handed, so there are just a few luthiers that make lefty models at reasonable prices, and where i live there is litteraly NO Gypsy JAZZ at all.
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