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John Pearse Picks

Postby satyr » Wed Oct 03, 2007 3:31 am

Anybody else try those John Pearse Ebody Sarod Picks? I got mine from . Ordered 10 for $30. I like them. Alot actually. The few in the bunch that are actually sculpted well. maybe like 3 or 4 are really excellent and the rest seem like whatever indian slave laborer didn't really feel like working that hard on them and didn't take the time to sculpt out the index finger route properly. a couple have the index scallop to far up the pick. ah well i guess that's what you get for getting cheap handmade stuff.

the good ones though were really good and i can't imagine why i would spend the $$$ on a bunch of Dugain picks when i can get at least a nice handful of bomb picks in a bunch from Pearse. Except for the consistency in quality. And the cool materials. I want a Silver one. And Glass. Badasss.

But i can really feel my picking attack coming together with the whole floating arm and the lightness in the wrist and the pressure coming from the thumb and the grip from the pick. Who knew the gypsies were hiding this secret weapon from the guitar stores in America?? My technique is developing so much more nicely with it.
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