Very cheap pickup for guitar.

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Very cheap pickup for guitar.

Postby dugme » Fri May 18, 2007 2:06 pm

For thoose who want cheap and good sounding way to amplify your instrument. (I made one for myself, it sounds GREAT!!)
You can make it yourself:

1. Find or buy high frequency piezzo speker from an old speaker box (usually in very cheap speaker boxes). It looks like coin (3-5 cm in diameter). Or you can buy one, I don´t know the price, But it should be around 1-2 euros. Old one is as good as new one.

2. Just solder on two wires on it and connect to amplifier input. (inner circle to signal, outer circle to ground). No brainer, really.

3. For more bass response, glue on piece of metal (coin for example, the point is that it must be heavy) on inner part of piezzo speaker, not touching outer one.

4. Put it underneath the bridge (usually there is some 5-10 mm space between bridge and guitar top surface) so that the outer circle faces the bridge. Make sure it has some pressure towards the bridge (not necessary much force, just enough to stand firmly) by applying small spring or shim something between pickup and guitar top.

5. Add simple low-pass filter (1 kohm, 15-20 nF) to cut off high freq.

That´s it!

The outer circle of pickup is the one that should touch the vibrating surface that you want to amplify , and there is very little feed back because there is very little contact with guitar top surface.

It´s fairly easy job to do for anyone, try it if you don´t have money to buy expensive microphones.
Recently I bought contact microphone (price is 16 Euro) and disassembled it. It is the same thing as mine, except there is no low pass filter.
I am no Rembrandt, more like Picasso, anyway here is the picture:
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