mesa,az: who's django?

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mesa,az: who's django?

Postby james hart » Thu Aug 30, 2007 6:07 am

so , in mesa arizona, the largest music instrument store is called milano's. each time i go in there, and ask about selmer style guitars, they not only don't know what i'm talking about, they couldn't possibly care less. yesterday was the ultimate.the guitar salesman comes up, cool enough guy, older, fat, long greying hair with overconditioned curls, those 80's dudes are such diehards,i ask about the saga gitane, blank stare, i say django guitar, blank stare, i say django reinhardt, BLANK STARE !!! these guys had never heard of him. never heard of bireli, angelo, or even gj.again, he couldn't care less, starts telling me how you can't know who every guitar player is, asks if i've heard of scott henderson...?!? so i thought it might be cool if everyone here, and your friends and family and bandmates and drinking buddies all sent these people some emails to educate them. their site is, click contact, then click email us. what do you think? thank you
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Postby Caballero » Thu Aug 30, 2007 8:04 am

Scott Henderson is raging. He used to behave badly too.
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